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3 Video Streaming Trends to Look for in 2022

The fast-growing data volume of content delivery network, as a consequence of the advent of 5G, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, IoT (Internet of Things), wearable technology, and more, is mainly driving the global CDN market. Furthermore, the sudden outbreak of the pandemic has given rise to the demand for CDN across multiple organizations, to remotely provide high-quality video content and online streaming services for ensuring a seamless user experience. As the video streaming industry expands, progress in technology continues to influence service providers, organizations, businesses, and consumers. Here are the top 3 video streaming trends to follow in 2022.  

 1. Hybrid/ Remote Workflow is The Current Trend  

According to the  research, 60% of organizations will employ hybrid/ remote workflows in the future. On top of that, the study reveals that 15% of the people think that there will be a full return to on-site work, while 60% of them believe the future will still remain or involve some kind of hybrid workflows even though things got back to normal. With new methods to work remotely, such as online document sharing and editing, online meetings, virtual desktops and other technology, we anticipate this to continue. 

 2. Live Streaming Events & Sports 

For many years, satellite-TV providers had played an important role in events and sports game delivery; however, users now prefer to stream live contribution feeds on their personal devices through the internet. More streaming platforms and websites now rely heavily on CDN services in order to provide seamless user experience to the audience all around the globe.  

 3. Low Latency is More Essential Than Ever 

As the demand for real-time video continues to expand after COVID, reducing latency has become significantly important for fast delivery. Using a CDN service is considered as the most efficient solution to keep latency at its lowest, and further build up reliable and secured streaming content delivery network while expanding the business to different regions and areas.  

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