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Asia-Pacific 5G – Increasing Demand to Boost the Market Expansion

While we may consider 5G to be the futuristic network that will accelerate our Internet speed, the true benefits will be felt in multiple sectors of industries and Asia-Pacific has what it takes to be a competitive player in this field. From smartphones and PCs to IoT, video streaming, and smart homes – this is how 5G will influence our world. 5G rollout has already begun and the infrastructure has been laid out, especially in Asia-Pacific. Furthermore, research even claims that the Asia-Pacific market would guide the commercial deployment of 5G services and is expected to reach a growth of 166% by 2025.  

Three Phases of 5G Development             

In the previous article, we have mentioned the three major phases of 5G development in the upcoming decades: (1) eMBB requires acceleration at the edge (2) uRLLC brings leaps of edge computing (3) mMTC facilitates the change of CDN network structure. As 5G in Asia-Pacific matures, we will see dynamic changes in various aspects, and here are a few key growth factors listed as follow:  

 Key Growth Factors of Asia-Pacific 5G 

1.     Continuous evolution towards increased bandwidth, reduced latency, improved security, and openness of mobile networks. 

2.     Fast population penetration: As the smartphone and mobile Internet adoption is expanding globally, mobile Internet penetration in the Asia-Pacific countries has increased more than 200% over the last five years, exceeding half of the population by the end of 2016. Therefore, we expect the future scope to be massive considering the current scenario. 

 Asia-Pacific 5G Market 

Based on region, the Asia-Pacific 5G market is divided into China, Japan, India, South Korea, and the rest of APAC. China is considered as one of the major players in this field and is expected to surpass 400Mn connections by 2025. Additionally, South Korea impressively tops the market for 5G speed while other regions are also uplifting significantly. According to a recent study, 5G is high on many countries’ agendas and governments are pushing for its development, especially in low-density areas; moreover, people are now utilizing other technologies such as CDN to explore possibilities with the next-generation network and make 5G expansion more efficient and easier.  

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