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Baishan Awarded “Top5 Leading Edge Computing Enterprise” at the Global Distributed Cloud Conference

BaishanCloud award

In December, the 2021 Global Distributed Cloud Conference (GDCC) was held in Shenzhen, China. With advanced technology and innovative edge cloud solutions, BaishanCloud was awarded one of the “2021 Top 5 Edge Computing Leading Enterprises.”

The GDCC is co-hosted by the Global Distributed Cloud Alliance and other organizations, focusing on cutting-edge technology exploration and practice emerging from the fields of edge cloud, distributed database, and distributed security.

Baishan edge cloud solution relies on its serverless edge cloud platform. Baishan provides products and services such as infrastructure, security, and developer engine based on Zero Trust and SASE concept, integrating infrastructure services such as CDN and SD-WAN, cloud security services such as Web Application Firewall and DDoS protection, and developer engine services such as Orchsym-API Gateway and Function@Edge, providing enterprises solutions and services with application solutions covering global network acceleration, security, and integrated computing.

Function@Edge, the serverless product of BaishanCloud, was officially released recently. Function@Edge constitutes the basis of the edge cloud solution for distributing computing power closer to users, helping developers to run various real-time data processing and security inspection capabilities in a location closer to users. Function@Edge brings a brand-new way to the cloud for enterprises and developers, allowing developers to focus more on writing the business logic of applications without spending time and resources on server provisioning, maintenance, updates, scaling, and capacity planning.

The “2021 Top5 Leading Edge Computing Enterprises” award represents industry recognition for Baishan’s edge cloud products and technologies. Baishan will continue to promote technological innovation and better combine serverless capability with BaishanCanvas platform’s network and security integration capabilities to provide more comprehensive services(IaaS, NaaS, SaaS, iPaaS, and FaaS) and create a richer set of industry application solutions in edge cloud scenarios.

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