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Baishan Cloud Awarded “2021 Data Security Innovation Enterprise”

On September 24, the 3rd China E-Government Security Conference was held in Beijing. BaishanCloud Technology (Baishan) was awarded the “2021 Data Security Innovation Enterprise” for its great wealth of technology developments and solid experiences in the field of government security. At the same time, the Baishan’s comprehensive secure web acceleration solution was included as an outstanding achievement in the “2021 Enterprise Digitalization Excellent Program Collection-Government Affairs Security”.

The government cybersecurity conference sponsored by the China Information Association focuses on open database sharing, data security acceleration and promotes information protection for government and enterprises. Stakeholders from government departments, research institutions, and enterprises across industries gathered to discuss and exchange thoughts on governance on complex network environments, application scenarios, and secure construction.

As an innovative edge cloud service provider, Baishan continues to iterate its products and technologies based on years of practices to create unified security protection and management covering networks, applications, and data for governments and enterprises. Baishan Canvas (BaishanCloud edge cloud platform) builds integrated products and services of “network + security + computing” with cloud-native security capabilities. Baishan Canvas integrates industry-leading technologies such as web application firewall, anti-DDoS, bot-management based on SASE, and zero trust, to promote the simultaneous transformation of networks and security for government and enterprises based on SaaS services.

As a part of the excellent solution collection, BaishanCloud provides integrated web/App/API security acceleration solutions for governments and enterprises to meet the need of daily network security and acceleration and network reassurance during important events. The comprehensive security protection system integrates security acceleration SDK, trusted application access, and in-depth threat identification based on SDP & zero-trust security concept, effectively improving access performance and protecting data assets. Therefore, to avoid security threats while significantly reducing bandwidth costs and empowering the government’s digital transformation.

BaishanCloud is elected as the “2021 Data Security Innovation Enterprise”, another reaffirmation of BaishanCloud’s product and service after awarding the advanced level of SASE Maturity Capability Trusted Cloud the Institute of Information and Communications Technology.

BaishanCloud solutions have covered government affairs, energy, finance, manufacturing, real estate, medical, automotive, Internet, and other industries. In the future, Baishan Cloud will continue to upgrade its edge cloud platform capabilities to create faster, more secure, and agile cloud services for the government and various industries.

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