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BaishanCloud 2020 Roundup

2020 has been a year like no other for businesses, organizations, families, and individuals. While it is forcing everyone to adapt to uncertainties and new realities, it teaches us about our own ability to thrive on change.

In the span of barely a year, numerous technology innovations and enhancements have been put forward to empower a world that is more geographically distributed but more digitally connected than ever before. If a year ago someone told us that farmers in the rural areas of China were widely using live streaming to sell their produce, we would likely not believe it.

,BaishanCloud (Baishan) is part of the technology backbone that makes these possible. Deeply invested in the content delivery and edge security space, we not only enabled e-commerce, media, and gaming companies to provide uninterrupted user experience under huge network stress but also helped traditional industries such as public-school education to quickly adapt to an online mode during the pandemic.

In this article, let’s take a look at what have been in the spotlight about us in 2020.

Top Product Updates
During this year of pandemic, we have been continuously innovating on our products and expanding our infrastructure to help companies accelerate their digital transformation and ensure their business continuity. Some of the major updates include:


  • Bashan now has a network capacity of 40Tbps
  • Baishan entered the Southeast Asia market with service available in India, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, and another 11 Southeast Asian countries.
  • Baishan PoPs are now deployed across 6 continents and 250+ cities globally.
  • Baishan is now serving 85% of the Chinese internet users and 210 million overseas users.


  • Baishan has upgraded the “enterprise secure acceleration” solution to empower digital transformation.
  • Caching performance has increased by 15%.
  • IPv6 support has expanded to 90% of Baishan’s network.
  • Baishan is processing over 810 billion requests per day, 15 million requests per second.
  • Baishan cloud security platform has iterated over 80 times with 6000 code submissions
  • Baishan Cloud Shield has intercepted hundreds of millions of web threats, blocks billions of bot requests and unauthorized requests; 600 Gbps DDoS attack traffic is scrubbed at peak.

Top News
In April 2020, we launched ,BaishanCloud Global Partner ,Program to build stronger cross-border content delivery offerings. We collaborate extensively with industry partners to help companies and organizations achieve lower cost, higher efficiency, and enhanced security in their digital transformation. We’re now available on the ,Mlytics multi-CDN platform to provide a more cost-effective option for Asia-bound content delivery; we’ve also partnered up with ,Chinafy to provide an enhanced solution for accelerating websites in China without an ICP License.

To address the pressing demand for network resources during the pandemic, we provided free online course content delivery to elementary and high schools in China, and offered customized CDN + Security solutions to hospitals and many other remote businesses.

Top Content

As a thought leader in our space, we also produced a lineup of high-quality content throughout the year, themed on cross-border content delivery, streaming best practices, edge security, Asia tech trends, and more. Some of the most popular ones include:




Top Awards/ Recognitions

2020 has been another year of glory for BaishanCloud. Our service performance, business growth, and market impact were widely recognized by industry organizations, government, analysts, and media. Some of these recognitions include:

It is with our partners and customers that we make all these happen. Going into 2021, BaishanCloud will lead with continuous innovation, customer-first mindset, and a broader suite of edge cloud services to help businesses and organizations achieve lower cost, higher efficiency, and enhanced security in their digital transformation.

BaishanCloud is a leading global data service provider specialized in cross-border content delivery and edge security. To get more articles on trendy topics related to cloud delivery, streaming best practices, edge security, cloud technology in China and Asia, and more, please visit ,www.baishancloud.com and ,subscribe to the BaishanCloud newsletter.

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