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BaishanCloud Honored as a China Top 100 Internet Company 2020

[Seattle – Nov 3, 2020] The “2020 China’s Top 100 Internet Companies ” list is released this week after rounds of rigorous evaluations of leading internet companies in China. BaishanCloud (Baishan) is selected to join the rank for its continuous technology innovations, steady business growth, and strong corporate social responsibility.

The list, orchestrated by the China Internet Association and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, is recognized as the most authoritative and influential in the field. Published along with the list is a research report on the competitiveness of Chinese cloud service providers playing a critical role in the digital transformation of traditional industries in China. Some key observations include:

  1. The combined revenue of the Top 100 internet companies hits a record high of 3.5 trillion yuan in 2020, a year-on-year increase of 28.2%.
  2. Internet companies’ innovation capacity continues to grow; the industry is seeing accelerated breakthroughs in core technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and big data.
  3. A strong macroeconomy provides a solid foundation for the internet industry; new business models and new jobs are being created.
  4. Internet services’ application scenarios continue to diversify, building new advantages of the digital economy.
  5. The consumer Internet industry becomes more specialized; the industry landscape is evolving quickly.
  6. The business models and operating capabilities of leading internet companies are maturing quickly.

As a leading edge cloud service provider, Baishan is committed to delivering fast, reliable, and secure cloud data services globally. Leveraging its internationally distributed edge platform, Baishan offers a lineup of services under three major product categories -performance, security, and serverless engine, which include CDN, smart DNS, SD-WAN, content optimization, WAF, DDoS protection, zero trust security, SIEM@AI, API management, and application integration orchestration.

Committed to continuous innovations, Baishan has filed 560 IP patents and obtained over 100 invention patents since its inception in 2015. Now serving more than 1,000 corporate clients across a broad spectrum of industry verticals, Baishan has gained the recognition of various top global brands, including leading Internet companies, major SOEs, and MNCs. In the past 3 years, the company’s sales revenue has been growing at a high speed, registering a CAGR of 52.72%.

“The Top 100 Internet Companies enlisting is an important recognition of Baishan’s achievements in the past 5 years. Going forward, Baishan will take its cloud services to the next level and continuously drive business value-add through its edge cloud platform,” said Tao Huo, founder and CEO of BaishanCloud, “Chinese Internet companies have demonstrated tremendous power in technological innovation and industrial

enablement. These companies will play an important role in creating new business models and empowering a highly digitalized, connected and intelligent world,” Huo continued.

About BaishanCloud:

[Founded in April 2015, BaishanCloud (Baishan) is a leading global cloud data service provider specializing in cross-border content delivery and edge security. With a strong emphasis on data interactions and exchanges, Baishan’s cloud product suite is comprised of cloud delivery, cloud edge security, and cloud API management.

Baishan now has offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Seattle, and Shenzhen as well as R&D centers in Xiamen and Guian.]

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