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BaishanCloud Joins NextArch Foundation to Build an Open Source Ecosystem for Digital Transformation

BaishanCloud has recently joined the NextArch Foundation, established by the Linux Foundation, to participate in building an open source ecosystem for the next-generation architectures, and to promote the accelerated implementation of digital transformation worldwide.

At present, new technologies such as the cloud native, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, and edge computing bring huge development opportunities for enterprises, thus leading to a large digital transformation market scale. The NextArch Foundation is committed to building the next-generation technology architectures on the basis of the heterogeneous infrastructure and under multi-cloud scenarios, and developing an open source ecosystem that is suitable for digital transformation of enterprises. 

Based on the global edge cloud platform integrating the “Network + Security + Computing”, BaishanCloud provides global developers with the edge cloud service featuring low-code and zero operation and maintenance”, which allows agile development, and supports continuous integration, delivery and deployment. BaishanCloud’s development trend is coincident with the evolution, application, and commercialization process of key technologies highlighted by the NextArch Foundation, such as CI/CD, cloud, edge computing, DevOps and IoT. In this way, they can support each other and achieve synergies. Under the edge computing scenario, BaishanCloud’s Serverless computing product Function@Edge enables developers to only focus on writing the service logic of applications without building and maintaining any IT infrastructure and run function codes at BaishanCloud edge nodes to realize the development, deployment and management of applications. To meet the demands of enterprises on digital transformation, BaishanCloud has built the API centered hybrid cloud Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) called Orchsym to help enterprises easily and quickly perform flexible transformation and agile integration among data, application and services, boost business innovation, and accelerate the transformation process. 

In addition, the NextArch Foundation has constantly been focusing on new and integrated application solutions in the emerging industries to bring fresh technical ideas to the industry. BaishanCloud has innovatively launched 14 industry solutions and 12 field solutions, achieving digital and intelligent upgrades in various application scenarios across industries including energy, transportation, finance, manufacturing, healthcare, real estate, Internet, e-commerce, and gaming. 

While building edge technology advantages and developing diversified digital transformation solutions, BaishanCloud has been actively involved in the construction of the open source ecosystem. As early as 2017, BaishanCloud had initiated and organized the first China trip for the international open source community OpenSSL team to communicate with Chinese developers. In recent years, BaishanCloud has actively engaged in several open source projects, including the world-renowned open source data visualization suite Grafana, and contributed core codes to these projects. 

Huo Tao, the CEO of BaishanCloud, believes that establishing a mature open source ecosystem is the best way to rise to constantly emerging technical challenges. BaishanCloud will closely communicate and cooperate with members of the NextArch Foundation, and make its contribution to the edge computing, edge cloud, and digital transformation of enterprises to promote the development and implementation of the next-generation technology architecture, and provide developers and enterprises with a faster, more secure and more agile digital experience. 

About NextArch Foundation The NextArch Foundation (Next Generation Architecture Foundation), established in November 2021, is a non-profit organization under the control of the Linux Foundation. Through an open and neutral governance model, the NextArch Foundation builds an open source ecosystem for the next-generation architectures that are suitable for enterprise development. It aims to promote technological innovation and business growth, and help enterprises achieve digital transformation through project collaboration, best practices, industry communication and other methods. 


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