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BaishanCloud Launches API based Cloud Data Products

[Beijing and Seattle, May 4, 2017] BaishanCloud, a leading provider of cloud data services in China, announced today that it has officially released its Cloud Linkage product, an API based cloud data product that offers API gateway, API security, and API acceleration services to enterprise customers.
Cloud Linkage serves as an integral part of BaishanCloud’s cloud data product suite concentrating on data life cycle management. It focuses on cloud data resource interactions in the post cloud market and addresses the needs of enterprise customers for data-governance, data-security, and data acceleration.

“The rollout of Cloud Linkage reflects our full commitment to serving the needs of enterprise customers that are clearly constrained by the lack of unified standards across APIs, security protection, and low efficiency of data usage during their processes of digital transformation.” said Huo Tao, CEO and founding partner at BaishanCloud. “In line with the development of API economy in China, enterprises are now moving towards a more API-centric model in providing their services. BaishanCloud’s full range cloud data and API services will significantly facilitate this transition process and better serve their needs.” Huo added.

BaishanCloud’s commitment to product innovations is reflected in its continued effort in rolling out products that fill gaps BaishanCloud has identified in the market. Along with two major previously released cloud products – Cloud Delivery, Cloud Storage, Cloud Linkage adds another important dimension in enhancing BaishanCloud’s capability in tapping into the post cloud market and better serving customers’ needs for API services.

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