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BaishanCloud Obtains PCI DSS Certification to Protect Data Security in the Financial Industry

BaishanCloud has been assessed and validated according to the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) requirements and security assessment procedures. With the accumulation of security compliance capabilities and in-depth understanding of industry scenarios, BaishanCloud will continue to provide faster, more secure, and more agile edge cloud services for customers in the financial industry. 

PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) is a payment card industry Data Security Standard jointly established by VISA and MasterCard in conjunction with several international card organizations. It applies to all entities involved in payment card processing, including organizations that store, process, or transmit cardholders’ data. Since its release, PCI DSS has been widely supported and promoted by card organizations and financial institutions worldwide. 

BaishanCloud fully complies with the twelve security requirements of PCI DSS certification and achieves six security goals, fully guaranteeing data security throughout its entire lifecycle in all aspects of organization and business operations. This reflects Baishan’s superb service capabilities in information security management systems, network security, data security, physical security, etc. 

As an innovative independent edge cloud service provider in China, BaishanCloud has built a global edge cloud platform to provide integrated products and services of “network + security + computing” and attaches great importance to security capacity building. Based on SASE and the zero-trust concept, Baishan has built an integrated platform of full-stack security capability. Unifying cloud security technologies such as Web Application Firewall, DDoS Protection, Bot Management, and API Security, Baishan products achieve three-dimensional cloud-native security coverage. 

To help financial businesses complete digital transformation, BaishanCloud has created a global edge cloud platform- Baishan Canvas, in response to many challenges such as network environment stability and security. Taking UnionPay as an example, Baishan has built a comprehensive web security acceleration solution based on the SASE secure access service edge architecture. With the idea of attack and defense of stand-in, they are using big data, AI technology, and robust global network resources to provide a one-stop solution for online business application vulnerabilities, hacker penetration, crawler Bot, DDoS, and other security threats, helping UnionPay Commerce meet compliance requirements and improve service quality. 

The PCI DSS certification is another authoritative security standard certification in the industry after BaishanCloud has successively obtained SOC 2 Type 1 and SOC2 Type 2. Baishan will continue to deepen product research and development, explore edge application scenarios, and help enterprises promote security compliance and digital transformation with solutions that fit the needs of financial and various industry scenarios. 

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