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BaishanCloud Participates in the Formulation of Internet Data Security Standards in Energy Industry

A few days ago, the preparation of the standard “Data Security Technical Requirements for Industrial Internet Platforms in the Energy Field” (hereinafter referred to as “TechnicalRequirements”) led by China Academy of Information and Communications Technology and Zhongneng IntegratedSmart Technology Co., Ltd. With its accumulation of data security technology and service experience in edge cloud, BaishanCloud was selected as one of the standard-setting units to participate in the standard-setting work.

The “Technical Requirements” standard aims to provide institutional and technical guidance for energy companies’ data collection and promote the large-scale development of the energy industrial Internet. The standard specifies the scope, content, and data classification and grading for data security protection of industrial Internet platforms in the energy field. It further defines related data security technical requirements according to different security levels.

As an innovative edge cloud service provider in China, BaishanCloud stands out from the companies that have applied to join the standardization group across the country and will work with other leading companies in the energy industry to develop industry data security technical standards.

To create unified security management for networks, applications, and data, BaishanCloud continuously upgrades its products and services in response to the digital transformation needs of various industries. Based on the concept of SASE and zero trust, Baishan Canvas, the edge cloud platform of Baishan, integrates cloud-native security technologies such as Web ApplicationFirewall, DDoS protection, and Bot management to create a comprehensive range of application and network security, identity, and access security, data security and privacy, and security management. Protection to achieve full coverage of cloud, network, edge, and end security capabilities.

To facilitate the transformation and upgrading of the energy industry, BaishanCloud actively participates in the co-construction of industrial ecology. In April 2021, it launched the China Smart Energy Industry Alliance “Cyber Security Special Committee.”

At the same time, BaishanCloud has created many solutions for cross-industry application scenarios based on its service experience in transportation, finance, manufacturing, medical, real estate, and other industries. Baishan efficiently assists enterprises in achieving simultaneous transformation of cloud access and security.

Being selected as a member of the “Technical Requirements” Standards Compilation Group constantly evolving the digital transformation capabilities of BaishanCloud’s service for energy enterprises and is also an affirmation of the strength of Baishan’s edge cloud security technology. BaishanCloud will continue to contribute to the formulation and development of industry data security standards for industrial Internet platforms and promote the development of various industries to be more secure, faster, and more agile.

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