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BaishanCloud Passed the “SD-WAN Ready 2.0” Test and Evaluation

Recently, BaishanCloud participated in the “SD-WAN Ready 2.0” Authoritative Industry Evaluation Project initiated by the computing-network convergence team of the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT) and various eco-partners. After strict testing and evaluations by the project team, BaishanCloud successfully obtained the SD-WAN Infrastructure Service Test Certification. 

With the accelerated deployment of new services such as 5G, AI, and the IoT, WAN applications are facing many new challenges: closed infrastructure architecture, borderless security risks, multi-device mobility management, and flexible computing power scheduling, etc. The basic features of SD-WAN, limited to Overlay network interconnection can no longer be adapted to the new business demands of enterprises. So SD-WAN is gradually evolving to the 2.0 stage of converged endogenous security, IPv6+Underlay deterministic experience assurance, and multi-cloud access. 

With SD-WAN Ready 2.0 as the consensus, the computing-network convergence team of CAICT has comprehensively built the SD-WAN 2.0 standard system, covering three major technical systems of security, IPv6+, and services, and carried out comprehensive testing and evaluation from three dimensions, consisting of equipment, service, and solution. 

As an innovative independent edge cloud service provider in China, BaishanCloud continues to explore cutting-edge technologies and dedicates itself to product research and development to provide customers from various industries with faster, more secure and more agile edge cloud services. After rigorous testing, BaishanCloud has successfully passed all the standard requirements of the “SD-WAN Ready 2.0″ infrastructure service module. 

Facing the difficulties in controlling enterprise branches, potential network security risks, and unpredictable network performance, BaishanCloud provides customers with high-quality network services such as nearby access, centralized management and control, flexible capacity expansion, and border security, based on its global edge cloud nodes and self-developed SD-WAN network platform,  helping enterprises solve problems such as difficulties in unified control, inability to see the full network operation status of each branch, cost reduction and efficiency enhancement, which enable enterprises to achieve efficient management in all aspects. 

Under the concept of SASE and zero-trust, BaishanCloud SD-WAN also provides customers from governments and enterprises with the following features: 

  1. Global unified user interface with centralized visualization of service configuration, management, operation and maintenance, and monitoring
  2. Rapid network setup for public cloud, private cloud, enterprise headquarters, and enterprise branches
  3. SaaS applications, legitimate overseas websites, and WAN access acceleration for VPN transmission of enterprise intranets
  4. SASE-based network security capability for enterprise intranets and extranets
  5. Priorities of application and optimal forwarding path based on the application identification tags

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