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BaishanCloud Receives 2020 Outstanding Edge Computing Solution Award

Recently, the first Computing and Internet Industry Development Forum in Beijing released the annual outstanding edge computing projects. With the technological innovation and application practices in edge computing, BaishanCloud’s (Baishan) high-resolution video monitoring edge computing solution won the 2020 Outstanding Edge Computing Solution Award, which once again confirmed Baishan’s leading position in edge cloud services.

BaishanCloud Receives 2020 Outstanding Edge Computing Solution Award
BaishanCloud Receives 2020 Outstanding Edge Computing Solution Award

According to credible reports, the next 3 to 5 years will be critical for large-scale edge computing deployment. Video applications such as ultra-high-resolution video, AR/VR, etc., will become the first applied areas in edge computing that meet the industries’ needs for real-time video services and intelligent video data.

CDN with distributed architecture is an essential technology for processing massive streaming videos. Traditional CDN video streaming products provide centralized and open services for video stream access, processing, and distribution. They also connect video content to the cloud for storage, recording, review, and network-wide distribution. As the information explosion era continues, traditional CDN video streaming products with centralized processing in the cloud are facing severe challenges:

  • 24/7 streaming worldwide requires extremely high connection capabilities for CDN edge nodes, and the location of CDN edge nodes have to be closer to end-users.
  • There is no guarantee of real-time performance as the network bandwidth requirements are high when the high-resolution streaming video is transmitted to the cloud.
  • The server processing load is too heavy as video data processing tasks are concentrated in the cloud computing center.
  • The edge node energy consumption level increases as managing and processing a large amount of redundant media data.

Relying on 600+ high-quality edge nodes globally, Baishan integrates functions such as caching and video data processing to the edge nodes closer to end-users. Baishan also uses 5G’s ultra-high data transmission rate, high reliability, and low latency to meet high-resolution video requirements of high bandwidth, low latency, and massive connections. Baishan’s edge computing solution can greatly improve the performance and experience:

  • By directly processing streaming media data through edge nodes worldwide, users can directly watch high-bitrate streaming videos without long buffering.
  • The dependency on the backbone network transmission is reduced as the push-pull stream verification process can be completed through edge nodes.
  • The low latency is controlled within 1 second, and compared to before, overall latency is reduced by 50%.
  • Users of the same ISP in different regions can still broadcast through the CDN public network.
Technical solution architecture diagram

On top of this award, Baishan was selected into the China Cloud-Edge Collaboration Ranking by CB Insights, 2020 Edge Computing Enterprise Ranking by ,CIWeek, and Edge Computing Leading Enterprise at APAC CDN Summit 2020. These awards further recognized Baishan’s edge computing service capabilities. Currently, Baishan edge cloud platform has integrated core product technologies such as CDN, SWAN, zero-trust security, web application firewall, DDoS protection, API lifecycle management, application integration orchestration, etc., to provide customers with neutral infrastructure, cloud-native security, developer service, and more.

Combining customers’ digital cloud transformation needs, as well as 5G and IoT scenarios, Baishan will continue to upgrade its edge cloud service capabilities to provide global corporate customers with more comprehensive solutions.

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BaishanCloud is the world’s leading edge-cloud platform service provider offering neutral infrastructure, cloud-native security, developer services, and other products and services. Serving 1,000+ customers globally, Baishan is committed to providing comprehensive solutions for global Internet, government, enterprise, and corporate customers. Baishan’s network covers 6 continents with 600+ PoPs worldwide.

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