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BaishanCloud Serverless Enables a New Access to the Cloud

Serverless Computing is a new model that emerged from the mature cloud computing stage. Users outsource host management, operating system management, resource allocation, capacity expansion, and even application logic components, treating them as standard commodities. Therefore, serverless computing is also known as Function-as-a-Service (FaaS), bringing a leap forward for cloud computing.    

Baishan’s Function@Edge is an essential cornerstone of the future BaishanCloud fully managed serverless service. Users can run codes on BaishanCloud edge nodes without building and maintaining IT infrastructure to realize application development, deployment, and management. 

Using Function@Edge, developers no longer need to spend time and resources on server provisioning, maintenance, update, scaling, and capacity planning; these tasks are handled by the serverless platform, so developers only need to focus on writing the business-side logic of their application, which brings a whole new way to the cloud computing deployment for enterprises and developers. 

Advantages of BaishanCloud Serverless 

Function@Edge eliminates many issues in back-end infrastructure services, and developers can focus on product code without maintaining any servers. Since the servers are provided by BaishanCloud, the convenience and flexibility of service expansion will be significantly improved, and enterprises can save a lot of operation and maintenance costs. 

In addition, there is a considerable expenditure in the traditional computing resource budgets: to handle peak traffic, system capacity is prepared to buffer, which is wasted during off-peak traffic periods. However, the serverless model changes computing resources from a fixed cost to a “flexible” cost, eliminating the need for planning and allowing services to provide the capacity needed at any point in time by allocating or provisioning resources and only paying for what is consumed. 

Function@Edge’s millisecond-level elastic scaling capability and pay-as-you-go provide developers and enterprises with six significant advantages: 

  1. Simplified operation and maintenance for fast iteration

Focus on business logic, no need to care about non-functional development, no operation, and maintenance, and realize rapid trial and error and validation of minimal viable products 

  1. Elastic scalability and high availability

Relying on the Baishan global edge cloud network, the underlying capacity can be quickly scaled to cope with peak traffic, providing a high availability guarantee and helping businesses run smoothly. 

  1. Low cost on demand

Pay-as-you-go, elastic scalability, no redundant resources reduce the cost of use. 

  1. Low latency for hot and cold start

The ultra-lightweight function security sandbox only takes 5-10ms for a hot and cold start. 

  1. Faster response at the edge

Through intelligent scheduling, the edge node with the best performance closest to the user is always running, providing users with stable and low-latency services, and ensuring user requests are processed quickly. 

  1. Neutral service is more secure

Independent third-party edge cloud service providers, focusing on platform technology research and development, can integrate and call various cloud BaaS, and the service is more flexible. 

What you can do with Function@Edge 

Function@Edge is the edge cloud’s foundation for distributed computing power close to the user, giving developers the ability to run a variety of real-time data processing and security checks by combining Baishan Canvas’ network, security, integration, and other product capabilities.  

  • Acceleration 

Function@Edge provides services closer to users from edge nodes and enables clients worldwide to experience significantly reduced network latency by requesting resources from edge nodes nearby. 

  • Security

Function@Edge dynamically checks the identity of users requesting services on the edge side and can respond to DDoS, web application attacks, and bot crawlers according to the implementation of permission control. 

  • Computation

For example, in the CDN content distribution scenario, Function@Edge can dynamically resize the images uploaded by users into different sizes or put different watermarks on them. The edge nodes can directly distribute the cached pictures to the requesting clients without going back to the origin site to obtain the images—realizing fast processing and calculation of business. 

 Edge cloud fulfills unpredictable demands. 

Tong Jian, CTO of BaishanCloud, indicated that the release of Function@Edge not only provides developers and enterprises with a new way to go to the cloud, but Serverless will also continue to combine network, security, integration, and other functions of the Baishan Canvas platform to provide customers richer solutions in edge scenarios, empowering developers to achieve more unpredictable needs. 

Baishan Canvas Platform 

Baishan Canvas platform is the industry’s innovative one-stop edge cloud platform that integrates “network + security + computing” and includes integrated products and solutions for outstanding performance, security, and agility. 

In the future, under the empowerment of the serverless architecture platform, Baishan Canvas will explore more solutions in edge scenarios to help enterprises solve all “connectivity” problems such as acceleration, security, and integrated computing covering global networks, improving operational agility, and reducing overall costs. 

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