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BaishanCloud Successfully Delivered Chinese New Year Gala Live Broadcast to Global Audiences

The 2022 Chinese New Year Gala brought joys and laughers to audiences around the world. In front of the stage, cutting-edge technologies such as a 720-degree screen, XR, and holographic projection created an audio-visual enjoyment. Behind the scenes, the BaishanCloud streaming on-call team stood by all night to provide technical support for the live broadcast for more than ten streaming media platforms, ensuring that global audiences simultaneously enjoy a stable and smooth viewing experience. 

It’s the fifth year BaishanCloud provided dedicated oncall support for this annual event. The accumulation of BaishanCloud’s global edge cloud platform in resources, technology, and service capabilities has played a crucial role. In terms of resource deployment, BaishanCloud has more than 1,000 edge nodes covering the world with elastic capacity. At the same time, the support team predeveloped a mitigation plan and carried out preparations such as redundant node resources and mutual backup in multiple servers to guarantee the high performance of services. 

The Baishan edge cloud platform enables the team to cope with traffic peaks with ease. The global load balancing system and intelligent routing system ensure users enjoy quality node resource coverage and access to high-quality edge nodes nearby. Innovative technologies such as TCP protocol optimization, multi-bitrate adaptation, self-developed live streaming weak network optimization, GOP cache opening in seconds enable BaishanCloud to provide low latency, low freezing rate, and ultra-high image quality to global audiences’ watching experience. 

Relying on technology and experience in DDoS protection, Bot management, Web application firewall, CC attack defense, etc., Baishan Global Edge Platform can respond to various security challenges smoothly and efficiently. In response to the high reinsurance requirements of the Chinese New Year Gala live broadcast, BaishanCloud has built a multi-dimensional monitoring and defense capability and regularly conducts health inspections and domain name inspections to realize real-time risk perception. In the live broadcast, BaishanCloud launches all-around protection of the streaming platform based on the functions of HTTPS security acceleration, multi-dimensional hot-link protection, and sensitive content streaming prohibition in seconds. 

As an innovative independent edge cloud service provider in China, BaishanCloud has provided high-quality network and security services in recent years to ensure important international events, such as the G20 summit, BRICS meetings, and the World Internet Conference. BaishanCloud’s technical capabilities and service levels have been highly recognized by customers, government departments, and industry peers from around the world. 

With the rapid growth of demand for live streaming and digital experience improvement, BaishanCloud will continue to deepen its efforts in the edge cloud market and use faster, more secure, and more agile services to escort significant events and deliver the ultimate experience. 

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