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BaishanCloud Upgrades “Enterprise Secure Acceleration” Solution to Empower Digital Transformation

In 2020, all industries have undergone a sudden “stress test” due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While digital transformation is providing a way out for businesses and organizations, it is bringing the same amount of challenge.

How to transform the business while reducing cost and improving efficiency? How to enhance security measures to protect core data assets? How to protect brands and customer experience in times of uncertainty? Companies are on the lookout for more comprehensive and efficient digital solutions.

BaishanCloud (Baishan), a global edge cloud service provider specializing in cross-border content delivery and edge security, has upgraded its “Enterprise Secure Acceleration” service to a one-stop solution that will help businesses and organizations to accelerate their digital transformation.

Feature 1: One-stop in-depth security defense for both internal and external networks

The digital era has brought rapid technological changes, and the game between offense and defense continues to escalate. Enterprises running traditional security systems are dealing with the growing security threat from both internal and external.

Empowered by Baishan’s edge security product, the “Enterprise Secure Acceleration” solution integrates four layers of security capabilities to provide a one-stop security solution to digital businesses, protecting corporate data assets and ensuring business continuity in times of uncertainty.

BaishanCloud 4-Layer Security Defense

Layer 1 provides unlimited DDoS protection to ensure business availability and continuity to the greatest extent.

Layer 2 provides cloud WAF protection with multi-engine analysis capabilities based on AI, semantics, and intelligent rulesets. Baishan leverages a threat intelligence database of 1,000+ customers to achieve collective cross-network defense.

Layer 3 identifies deep threats that are hard to be detected by traditional security measures, especially those that happen less frequently but can bring devastating long-term consequences. Supporting this layer is a big data platform built on AI, user behavior analysis, real-time streaming, and machine learning algorithms.

Layer 4 captures often-overlooked intranet threats by accurately identifying and coping with data leakage, Trojans, mining hosts, C2 IP address, and other threats.

Feature 2: Upgraded intelligent content acceleration; 10%-20% increase in content loading speed.

As companies are exploring diversified online operations under new business models, they are more actively using applications and tools such as websites, apps, live streaming, and long/short videos. Strong network coverage and site performance have become a core competence for these businesses.

Baishan’s intelligent content acceleration, built on innovative adaptive algorithms, Brotli compression, and WebP image format auto-conversion technology, can increase text and image loading speed by 10%-20% compared to that with the traditional acceleration approach. This has helped enterprises to significantly reduce their bandwidth cost.

Visual comparison of file size and loading speed between WebP and JPG format (open beta)

With a traditional acceleration approach, it takes a long to fetch the static content from the origin which negatively impacts users’ experience. Baishan’s CDN platform adopts an intelligent routing mechanism to route both static and dynamic content via the most optimized and shortest path to achieve the fastest response time for user requests.

Feature 3: Instant purging to enhance risk management

A website is an important window to display a corporate image and communicate brand value. Once hijacked, whether it is displaying irrelevant pop-up advertisements, illegal or prohibited content, the brand image will be severely damaged.

Built on P2P and ant colony algorithms, Baishan’s instant purging capability enables customers to remove stale content across its global network in milliseconds. This helps them to update content, make corrections on hijacked sites, or ban illegal content instantly. The technology has been widely used and recognized by e-commerce and media customers in such scenarios as inventory updates, product launches/updates, and press releases.

In addition to the three leading features, Baishan has also significantly improved its service availability. Leveraging its intelligent resource failover and cross-regional disaster recovery capabilities, Baishan’s platform can instantly balance requests between servers and PoPs to avoid downtimes, ensuring business continuity in the time of uncertainty. Today, Baishan’s CDN operating platform processes more than 800 billion user requests per day with over 15 million user requests per second, providing a fast, reliable, and secure network experience for 84% of Chinese Internet users and 210 million overseas end-users. Already trusted by over 1,000 corporate clients worldwide, Baishan will continue to collaborate extensively with industry partners to help companies and organizations achieve lower cost, higher efficiency, and enhanced security in their digital transformation.

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