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BaishanCloud Won the “Leading Technology Achievement Award” at the Big Data Expo 2022

On May 26th, 2022 the China International Big Data Industry Expo (hereinafter referred to as the “Big Data Expo”) kicked off, and the “Leading Science and Technology Achievement Award” given by the Big Data Expo was officially unveiled. After a rigorous assessment by expert review panel, Baishan’s edge cloud platform Canvas was rewarded with this award for its advantages in superfast, secure, and agile technological innovation. 

The China International Big Data Industry Expo (hereinafter referred to as the “Big Data Expo”) kicked off on May 26th, 2022, and the “Leading Science and Technology Achievement Award” was unveiled.  After a rigorous assessment by an expert review panel, Baishan’s edge cloud platform “Canvas” was rewarded with this award for its speed, security, and agile technological innovation. 

This great honor means not only a recognition of our achievements in edge cloud technology but also provides encouragement in facilitating the implementation of edge cloud services in various industries. Huo Tao expressed that “BaishanCloud will become completely involved in the wave of the ‘Integration of the digital and physical economies. Through fully understanding the various application scenarios of all industries, we will devote our efforts to assist traditional enterprises in preparing and implementing strategic planning related to IT construction – quickly, securely, and flexibly, thus grasping the golden opportunities of digital transformation. 

Since the Big Data Expo was first convened in 2015, it has become an international platform to show the latest achievements, exchange development ideas, and create cooperation opportunities. “The Leading Technology Achievement Award” given by the Big Data Expo is filed in the National Office for Science & Technology Awards. It is the only award associated with the name of this Expo, and the only professional award with big data as the theme. Additionally, this Expo attracted a large number of relevant enterprises, organizations, and institutions with their 437 achievements, to take part in the competition during the collection stage this year. To cooperate with the accelerated construction of  “Digital China” and the rapid development of the digital transformation of global enterprises, this year’s Big Data Expo highlighted the contemporary topic of “Take digital opportunities to create digital values”. 

To promote the digital transformation and digital intelligence upgrade of enterprises, BaishanCloud officially released the edge cloud platform Baishan Canvas in 2021.   Focused on their global edge nodes designed around network, security, and computing power”, Baishan Canvas can provide integrated infrastructure services, security access services, and developer services for customers through the integration of CDN with SD-WAN, Zero Trust Security, Web Application Firewall, DDoS Protection, API full lifecycle management, and other technologies. BaishanCloud has developed numerous mature application solutions for a wide array of industries, such as energy, transportation, finance, manufacturing, health care, Internet, e-commerce, gaming, etc., making the “key variable” of the digital technology become the “most important factor” of improving the quality and efficiency within these industry scenarios. 

Since Baishan Canvas’ release, it has gained wide attention and recognition from the industry in terms of its technical advancement, service capability, and security compliance. With the aid of the Baishan Canvas’ cloud security performance, based on the SASE and Zero Trust concepts, BaishanCloud was awarded the 2021 Security Golden Shield Award by the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA),  along with the excellence award in the final of the “big competition” activity of 2021 Information Technology Application Innovation. The Baishan edge cloud solution was awarded the best edge computing solution “Golden Edge Award” for its rich industry practices. In addition, BaishanCloud has obtained the SOC 2 compliance and has been rewarded with internationally recognized certifications, including the cloud service information security management system certification (ISO 27017) and compliance management system certification (ISO 37301). 



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