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Baishan’s Function@Edge Added to the “Cloud Edge X” Project by the Institute of Information and Tech

BaishanCloud’s “Function@Edge Computing Research” project has recently passed the Cloud Edge Collaborative Industry Phalanx (Industry Phalanx) project review by the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT.) It has officially been added to the first batch of projects in the “Cloud Edge X” program. BaishanCloud will participate in the promotion of edge native, Serverless, and distributed cloud projects initiated by the CAICT.

The Industry Phalanx was jointly established by the Cloud Computing and Big Data department of the CAICT, many enterprises, and institutions. Its mission is to promote the development of Cloud Edge industry collaboration and application implementation. To unite all parties to explore the uncharted territory of cloud edge collaboration, the Industry Phalanx launched the “Cloud Edge X” program. After a comprehensive discussion and rigorous evaluation, projects initiated by the industry leaders, such as Cloud Native Distributed Cloud, Edge Native Container Management Platform, and Edge Streaming Data Processing, were formally approved by the program.

As one of the contributors of CAICT, BaishanCloud will lead the “Edge Function Computing Technology Research” project, based on the CAICT edge native and Serverless projects, to explore function application solutions running on edge nodes, IoT devices, and other edge devices closer to users to achieve collaboration between edge devices and the cloud.

BaishanCloud attaches significant importance to edge cloud-related technology accumulation and product iterations. Currently, it has obtained more than 200 patent authorizations and has submitted more than 400 patent applications. Based on the accumulation of technology, the Baishan Global Edge Cloud Platform builds integrated products and services of “Network + Security + Computing” based on the concept of SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) and Zero Trust. Relying on the Serverless architecture, BaishanCloud Developer Engine helps companies reduce development thresholds, improve development efficiency, and accelerate business innovation through the orchestration of containers and heterogeneous application systems on edge nodes.

Passing the project evaluation is not only the industry’s recognition of Baishan’s professionalism in edge cloud services but also the trust in Baishan’s technical level and R&D capabilities. BaishanCloud will continue to deepen the edge technology, combine its service experience in energy, transportation, finance, manufacturing, medical, real estate, and many other industries. Baishan will continuously explore the best practices and applications of cloud-edge collaboration in practical scenarios to contribute to the development of the industry.

As an innovative edge cloud service provider, BaishanCloud offers neutral infrastructure, cloud-native security, and developer engines, and other products and services. Powered by enterprise digital transformation, 5G, and IoT (Internet of Things) application scenarios, BaishanCloud is committed to providing global enterprise customers with solutions for various application scenarios across industries.

Learn more about Baishan’s solutions: https://www.intl.baishancloud.com

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