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China’s Singles’ Day: Biggest E-commerce Festival You Can’t Miss

Singles’ Day or Double 11, called Bachelors’ Day initially, is an unofficial Chinese holiday to celebrate people who are not in relationships. Nowadays, this holiday is more than a celebration of bachelorhood but a trend for self- rewarding. Chinese Global E-commerce Festival on 11.11 should be marked on the calendar for those planning to enter China market. Inspired by Black Friday in the US, Chinese e-commerce companies turned the celebration of individualism into the busiest online shopping spree of the year. Huge discounts are offered after year-long build-ups, and some brands can generate up to 80% of their annual revenue out of the event.

Singles’ Day 2020 had more than 250,000 brands participating, including 31,000 overseas, to serve over 800 million consumers. During peak activity, brands were handling 583,000 orders per second.

The top 2 Chinese e-commerce giants racked up around $115 billion in sales across their platforms and set new records. 11.11 Singles’ Day (Global Shopping Festival), the most massive one-day shopping event, is something you can’t miss in China.

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