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Chinese Live Streaming Shopping Festival – A Unique Method Helps International Luxury Brands Find Success in the Chinese Market

The Background of Chinese Live Streaming Shopping Festivals 

In 2016, Alibaba Taobao started a new era of online live streaming shopping which in turn was named Taobao Live. It marked the beginning of Chinese e-commerce live streaming sales. In recent years, Iive streaming shopping has expanded significantly and become the most popular online shopping method in China. Moreover, marketers even created multiple types of Chinese shopping festivals, such as Chinese Single’s Day or Double 11, 618 and Double 12 Shopping Festival, etc. which have become the most important opportunities for luxury brands to promote their products. Chinese Single’s Day is the biggest shopping event in China, in 2020, the Taobao live streaming campaign generated $7.5 billion in the first 30 minutes of presales. 

How International Luxury Brands Participate in Live Streaming Shopping Festivals 

For international luxury brands that plan to extend their business to China, participating in live streaming shopping events is a smart approach. During these shopping festivals, the traffic of online shopping is significantly more than on normal days; Providing a larger platform to reach wider audiences is one of the ways to get more sales during promotions. Some luxury brands have already taken action and found success by attending live streaming shopping festivals. For example, Cartier hosted its first live streaming shows on Taobao Live on Single’s Day in 2020, showcasing a total of $20 million in products and attracting almost 800,000 viewers. According to recent research, live streaming shopping has become the second most popular shopping channel for Single’s Day in 2021. Therefore, luxury brands can’t miss the sales opportunity to participate in this new shopping trend and be able to target the Chinese market more efficiently.

How CDN Offers Brands a better Live Streaming Shopping Festival Experience 

Mega live streaming shopping events can attract hundreds of millions of viewers. This creates new obstacles for brands; being able to handle a large volume of audience from different regions throughout China and present the live events with no viewing latency. 

Using CDN can prevent these issues and provide an equitable solution to solve problem. CDN leverages edge nodes that are at the closest locations to its audience, which results in significantly reduced latency on performance and brings security protection for the content through the entire live streaming shopping session to secure customer’s information throughout the entire livestream shopping experience. Cooperating with top Chinese CDN experts, like BaishanCloud, is the way for luxury brands to improve the content delivery experience to their customers.   

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