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How CDN Can Make a Better Livestreaming Shopping Experience

The Facts and Forecast of the Livestreaming Market 

Since the fast increase of the number of internet users, the livestreaming market is showing a rapid growth trend. According to a recent research, the revenue of the global market was $998 Million in 2021, and the growth rate is expected to reach 23.50% between 2022-2028. 

Livestreaming is a type of video streaming that records and broadcasts in real-time over the internet. It has been widely used in gaming, sports events, online education, and many other industries. Livestreaming Shopping – a popular online shopping form is also emerging in recent years, has great potential in this ever-changing market.

The Potentials and Challenges of Livestreaming Shopping  

Livestreaming shopping has taken a storm in China, the country with the largest number of online shoppers. This year, it is projected to earn $480 billion in China (eMarketer, 2022) Moreover, experts even predict that this trend will continue to grow in China and expand globally. 

Although the current livestreaming e-commerce market is not as well-liked in other countries as in China, it is likely to impact how the business is performed in other cultures. Furthermore, many major tech firms, like Amazon, Meta, TikTok, and others, have launched their livestreaming shopping projects. 

Livestreaming shopping is not just about purchasing what is necessary but also a form of entertainment. It is more like a combination of online shopping, talk shows, gaming, and auctions. To offer a pleasant experience for customers during the whole purchasing process, fast and secured streaming with low latency is indispensable.  

How CDN Helps Enhance Livestreaming Shopping Experience for Customers 

In the highly competitive livestreaming shopping market, any latency might lead to huge sale losses. However, a content delivery network (CDN) leverages edge nodes can reduce latency through the entire streaming session, and improve the user experience so that the customers can enjoy a seamless shopping event.

In addition, Baishan provides customers with real-time performance visibility so they can monitor the streaming data analytics and make live adjustments. 

Why BaishanCloud CDN Livestreaming Service 

  • BaishanCloud is the top Chinese CDN expert. Our livestreaming services help global brands to expand their business enter countries and regions with fast growing e-commerce and online shopping markets such as China, APAC, and the Middle East.  
  • BaishanCloud livestreaming platform is capable of handling tens of millions of concurrent requests and ensuring the live streaming shopping customers are having a seamless user experience 
  • Baishan offers an integrated livestreaming solution for enterprises. The platform fully integrates livestreaming recording, media processing, content distribution, and data analysis. It not only supports complex livestreaming shopping events, but also allows businesses to track audience behavior metrics, streaming data analysis, and monitor real-time sales and engagement data. 

Contact BaishanCloud Live Streaming CDN Expert today, and get ready for the upcoming trend!

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