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Gaming Market Revenue, Forecast, Trend – How CDN Helps Gaming in 2022

Gaming Market in 2022 

It comes as no surprise that gaming users and gaming utilization spiked in 2020, as people spent more time at home and the gaming industry provided a means to stay entertained and connected with friends. Revenues are increasing steadily this year and will exceed $203.1 billion by way of customer spending (+5.4% year on year)—a new record (Newszoo, 2022). On top of that, research even shows that the number of global users will also have a breakthrough, passing the three-billion mark to reach 3.09 billion players by the end of 2022. Furthermore, the global gaming market is expected to surpass $200 billion in 2024. 

Trends & Challenges for Gaming Industry in 2022 

As gaming users and demand are increasing sharply, today game developers and publishers encounter challenges in smoothly delivering gaming content. The file size of game downloads is enlarging significantly as new tech arrives to the market, hardware is enhanced across consoles, PCs, and portable gadgets, and internet speeds accelerate. These technology improvements provide a better gaming experience but can cause a bad pre-gaming experience (downloading the game client and future content updates) as well. 

How CDN Helps Gaming Industry 

Content Delivery Networks is one of the most efficient solutions to this problem. By leveraging content caching and a widely spread global network of servers, CDN provides gaming companies the ability to deliver a more stable connection and faster download speeds to gamers. Moreover, download errors and server crashes are prevented. 

Why BaishanCloud Gaming CDN 

  1. Load Balancing 
  2. Intelligent Routing  
  3. Elastic Scaling 

 BaishanCloud’s Static Content Delivery Network provides clients with high-reliability, low-latency, high-quality acceleration services on game downloads. BaishanCloud can also provide clients with elastic scaling to shorten download time for games facing massive traffic bursts in download requests. 

Empowered by its extensive global network resources, BaishanCloud can accommodate traffic surges during mega-events (12 times higher than daily traffic peak) and ensure seamless content delivery across the entire network. BaishanCloud pushes installation packages, patches, and other gaming resources to the PoPs closest to the user and intelligently balances the loads based on user location, network latency, and capacity. As a result, it provides scalability for gaming companies under scenarios with high concurrent requests such as game launches, promotions, or updates. 

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