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How CDN Helps Luxury Brands Catch the Newest Trends of Live Streaming Shopping in China

Live Streaming Shopping Has Become a Daily Sales Strategy 

Live streaming shopping has become a frequent sales strategy and a daily shopping channel for Chinese customers. Brands are not limited to only participating in big shopping events and cooperating with celebrities and influencers for endorsements, but shifting live streaming shopping into a daily sales method.  

The Advantages of Hosting Daily Live Streaming Shopping Events 

Compared to the high-traffic live streaming shopping events held at shopping festivals, or cooperating with mega influencers, the daily events cost less and are more consistent. Similar to an offline shopping experience, customers can freely move in and out of the live streaming room and ask the staff questions regarding the products. It is also a solid approach for brands to save budgets and build an ongoing relationship with customers. Instead of building high-expense scenes and props, or inviting celebrities for the live show, most brands only need their 1-2 staff in the live streaming room, introducing the products and interacting with online audiences. Some major luxury brands like Estee Lauder, Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, etc. have already started implementing this method. 

Luxury brands can also record live streaming videos for future use. For example, they can upload their product details clips to their online stores as a supplemental source for customers to refer to.  

How CDN Helps Live Streaming Shopping Better 

Regardless of if it’s grand shopping events, daily live streaming shopping, recorded videos, or a seamless watching experience, all aspects are indispensable for a successful streaming shopping campaign. CDN is one of the most efficient and suitable solutions available in the industry. It leverages edge nodes that are at the closest locations to the audience; which in turn reduces latency on performance for the best watching experience and brings security protection for the content through the entire live streaming session. 

Collaborating with Chinese CDN experts like BaishanCloud is a good choice for international luxury brands that want to expand into the Chinese market. Our extensive experience helps brands ease concerns to develop their full potential in the China market. 

Contact BaishanCloud Chinese top CDN expert today, and get well-prepared for your live streaming campaign in China. 

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