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How to Configure Your CDN on BaishanCloud Canvas Platform

BaishanCloud Canvas™ is built upon the SASE and zero-trust security architectures. As a neutral and elastic edge cloud platform, it fully integrates Content Delivery Network, cloud security including WAF, DDoS protection, and Bot management, along with edge computing capabilities.

Configure your CDN

We provide high performance and low latency content delivery network as the fundamental service on our edge cloud platform—Canvas.

Leveraging over 1000 global edge cloud service nodes, we improve user experiences by caching and delivering content close to end-users. Our multi-tier caching architecture and intelligent routing system help reduce network latency caused by internet congestion and increase cache hit-ratio.


This tutorial will learn to onboard and easily publish a domain on our Canvas platform. This method includes two steps, configuring on our Canvas platform and setting up a DNS configuration on your side.

We will show you step by step how to configure a domain and start accelerating your website on the BaishanCloud network in minutes.


Assuming you already have an account with us on the Canvas platform. After login, enter [Service Configuration]-> [Domain Config], Click on [Add Domain].

Here is the information you need to enter:

1. Service Region

What regions do you want to accelerate your domain, where are most of your end-users located? We have options such as Mainland China, Global (excluding Mainland China), Global, etc.

2. Service Type

What type is your content? Web page, the whole site, large file download, pure dynamic, live streaming, VOD, etc.

3. Service Domain

The FQDN of your website is also the domain you are looking to accelerate.

1. Domain Origin Type

What type is your domain origin? It could be an IP address or a domain name.

2. Primary Origin

What is the origin of your domain?

3. Backup Origin (Optional)

It is optional to provide your backup origin details. A backup origin will help to prevent primary origin downtime and provide a faster failover.

4. Origin Protocol

CDN servers use the protocol to pull content from your origin server. Select from “HTTP,” “HTTPS,” or “Follow request protocol from end-user.” When “Follow request protocol from end-user” is selected, the protocol is determined by the protocol used in the corresponding CDN URL.

Step 2 configure CDN

Once you enter all the configuration details, click the [Submit] button to start deployment. You will be seeing your newly onboarded domain under your account [Domain Manage] session.


Now that your domain has been configured on the BaishanCloud Canvas platform. To start routing end users’ requests to our network and see the performance improvement, you will need a CNAME setup on your own authoritative DNS. Copy the domain CNAME record under [Service Configuration]-> [Domain Manage].

Log into your domain name admin panel from your hosting provider, edit your authoritative DNS settings and add the CNAME you copied.

To confirm your CNAME is added successfully, here are the examples to confirm the CNAME configuration deployment on Linux and Windows command-line utilities. You can use the “dig” command on Linux or “nslookup” command on windows to confirm; under the “ANSWER SECTION” or “Aliases,” you should find the new BaishanCloud CNAME that you added in your DNS provider settings for your domain.

You can use the “dig” command on Linux or “nslookup” command on windows to confirm, under the “ANSWER SECTION” or “Aliases,” you should find the new BaishanCloud CNAME that you just added in your DNS provider settings for your domain.

Try it for yourself

To see how BaishanCloud improves your website performance, click here to go to your BaishanCloud Canvas portal account and start your configuration or contact us now.

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