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Three Takeaways from the IDC China Edge Cloud Report

Recently, IDC Technology (International Data Corporation), an authoritative international research institution, released the report “China Edge Cloud Research” for the first time. BaishanCloud entered the report with its products including Function@Edge. We thought it would be helpful to summarize the report for you.

In the report, IDC analyzed and predicted product roadmaps, market size, use cases, development trends and potential opportunities of edge cloud. IDC points out that after leading providers defined the market with their product ecosystems, the commercialization of the edge cloud market has grown significantly in 2020. Edge cloud services offer several core values that help businesses to grow and expand, such as minimizing website performance latency, reducing overall bandwidth consumption costs, and improving data security.


Here are 3 takeaways from the IDC report:

1. The core values of edge cloud services:

a. Latency reduction: By deploying edge compute nodes at the edge of the network or closer to users, users can obtain computing results more quickly.

b. Bandwidth cost savings: Edge cloud network usually takes only a few or even one network hop for users to retrieve computing results or stored files from edge infrastructures, thus helping service providers to save bandwidth.

c. Service extension: By adopting fully compatible architecture as the central cloud node, end users/service providers can deploy business load on edge nodes more faster and achieve service/business extension.

d. Data access security: By deploying specific data access policies, service providers can provide end users with more secure and compliant data storage solutions while enjoying the benefits brought by cloud computing.

2. Lack of mature user cases and insufficient application scenarios are the biggest challenges, but the connectivity and integration with the centralized cloud may improve end user applications compatibility.

3. The development of edge cloud has focused more on the resource level, including upgrades of physical nodes to edge cloud nodes to provide users with more cost-effective cloud services near them; As the edge cloud infrastructure continues to advance, future development will focus more at the platform and application level.In this report, BaishanCloud Serverless product Function@Edge is featured as a typical edge function service. Function@Edge allows users to focus on creating applications without worrying about building and maintaining IT infrastructure. The platform also supports the implementation management of the written functions.

IDC believes that as more edge computing use cases emerge, and users gradually realize the potential of edge computing for business innovation and process optimization, edge cloud may become a new growth engine in the overall IT solution market. BaishanCloud is aiming to create and provide secure, fast and reliable edge cloud services.

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