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Unlocking seamless Sports broadcasting experiences with BaishanCloud streaming solutions

In the past years, livestream sports events have become a trend and gained tremendous popularity. Due to the pandemic and social distancing, people find it hard to participate in the game in person. Thus, live streaming has become an indispensable tool for tracing the event and increasing the connection between the athletes and sport fans. BaishanCloud, the world’s innovated and independent cloud platform service provider, can provide smooth live sport streaming services with high-availability, high-concurrency, and low-latency for customers including OTT platforms to maintain and expand audience market while ensuring seamless live streaming experiences.  

With many years of accumulated experiences in streaming acceleration, Baishan has witnessed a variety of challenges in the sports broadcasting industry. Common pain points from the audience are included but not limited to low image quality, buffering, service interruptions, and lags. That’s when CDN providers like BaishanCloud come into play. With Baishan’s one-stop streaming solutions, sports and gaming streaming can be published and delivered to audiences with no performance concerns even under massive concurrent volume and bandwidth consumptions.  

So, what are the solutions that Baishan offers to solve these problems? 

Here are the benefits of Baishan live streaming services, which include: capability of handling massive concurrent requests to ensure low-latency video live streaming services at large scale, availability of global network covering over 1000 pops in more than 250 cities and one-stop solution that supports live stream transcoding, recording, media processing, content distribution, data analysis, storage and multi-protocol playback options services.  

In a nutshell, these live streaming benefits provided by BaishanCloud would greatly help OTT media platforms to ensure stable ultra-low-latency live streaming anywhere with high-quality and seamless access for your audience.

To learn more details, please visit https://intl.baishancloud.com/infrastructure/streaming and reach out for a free trial. 

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