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Effortless Creation and Deployment of Container Clusters

Based on the K8s technology framework, Baishan Canvas leverages its global edge cloud network to create and deploy container clusters with one click, arranges container resources, provides scalable container application management services for organizations, and quickly integrates precision development and operation.

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Product Benefits

More Effective Cost Control

Baishan Canvas provides a more cost-effective solution to corporate customers. With customers’ usage data collected in seconds, they only need to pay based on their actual usage. The solution helps reduce bandwidth and server costs.

Independent Controls

The cloud-based resources that host container clusters can match the specific business need to provide independent options and controls which can ensure mutual isolation between different users in the process of use and improve the independent controllability and security of the business.

High Availability, High Performance

The container clusters master node is a 3-node high availability architecture that, combined with a high-performance virtual machine, bare metal, GPU, and other heterogeneous infrastructure resources, provides the organization with ultimate computing power experience.

High Reliablility

Baishan Canvas adopts a high availability bottom cluster architecture that prioritizes cloud container service stability and business stability.

User-friendly Container System

Baishan Canvas provides a unified container operating environment to eliminate the need to maintain the underlying clusters and servers, thus reducing the pressure of maintenance and operation. Canvas also supports the one-click creation of container resources and instance publishing to enhance the organization’s operational efficiency.

360° Monitoring

Baishan’s comprehensive monitoring platform collects real-time metrics on application, container, host performance, and node network to ensure high quality, high availability, and high fault tolerance of container clusters to ensure the stability and controllability of the organization’s system operation.

Product Features

Container Registry Management

Baishan Canvas provides Docker native container image repositories and a secure, reliable private container image repository to help businesses manage container image resources more efficiently and create instances quickly.

Integrated Cluster Construction

Supporting integrated K8s container cluster construction and configuration for visual control of the full life cycle of clusters, nodes, and containers. Supporting the free matching of multiple specifications of work nodes for in-minutes cluster delivery and in-seconds container delivery.

Rolling Update

Baishan Canvas supports the one-click bulk update of mirror-image versions. Terabyte-level resource updates can be achieved within 10 minutes.

K8s Native Support

Compatible with K8s Community Native APIs and CSIs for configuration management of container clusters and application services. Support the use of yaml, json, and other tools to achieve scripted configuration.

Visualized Analysis

Baishan Canvas provides monitoring information such as container logs, instance operating status, and network quality for total control of the container’s operation.

Supports The CI/CD Companion Tool Environment

Supporting the fast building of agile development resource environments as well as self-customization of CI/CD pipelines with code and version management tools.

Application Scenarios

Baishan Canvas, in conjunction with Jenkins, helps organizations automate the complete DevOps process from code submission to application deployment, also automating the entire process from code change to code building, mirror building, and application deployment, providing real-time feedback on results of each integration or delivery ensures efficient and streamlined business deployment processes and effective and timely iterations of release features.

Media Acceleration

With container clusters as the carrier of computing power, the platform supports the creation of container instances to the minimum of 0.1vcpu and 0.1G memory, which perfectly matches the high elasticity and instant adjustment of micro-service architecture and provides a perfect building environment for microservices architecture by combining the unique arithmetic resource elastic scheduling and service discovery functions.

Media Acceleration

Baishan Canvas supports cloud native-based machine learning, enables organizations to easily develop and deploy machine learning applications on heterogeneous computing resource clusters, tracks experiments and training, publishes models, automatically integrates multiple data deployments in distributed storage systems, and accelerates data literacy. Without worrying about cumbersome deployment operations, you can focus on core business and quickly achieve from 0 to 1.

Media Acceleration