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Function@Edge Edge Cloud Network

As a fully managed serverless service of Baishan Canvas, customers can run code at the Baishan Cloud edge nodes to enable application development, deployment, and management without building and maintaining IT infrastructure.

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Product Benefits

User Friendly with Fast Iteration

Customers can focus on business instead of non-functional feature development. Operation and maintenance-free, quick trial and error, and verification of businesses.

Stability and Low Latency

Serving end-users at the nearest edge and the optimal routing to ensure the lowest latency.

High Edge Network Flexibility and Service Availability

Baishan’s global edge cloud network can rapidly scale up at the bottom tier to meet the demand at peak time and guarantee high service availability, enabling businesses to operate efficiently.


Baishan’s pay-as-you-go billing structure provides flexible capacity scaling and enables lower costs by not committing unnecessary resources.

Product Features

Developer Tools

Including development tools such as command-line help, environmental management, engineering packaging, and function publishing, to help developers easily debug and deploy quickly locally.

Function Version Management

Recording management service release versions to achieve code isolation between production and development environments, effectively reducing operational costs.

Dark/Soft Launching

Supporting dark/soft multi-version launch according to the policy configuration. Real-time monitoring of operational status ensures a smooth upgrade of the application, minimizing the impact on business.

Access Control

Based on the network resources and the visible range of user roles in functions, different access permissions are set to ensure the security of the development environment.

Application Scenarios

By deploying Function, combined with Baishan's high-performance CDN services, functions such as generating thumbnails and watermarking are provided at edge nodes to reduce the pressure of the origin server and improve the image processing efficiency of the media platform. For example, generating different sizes of pictures according to different access device types to achieve dynamic processing and distribution of pictures to reduce the load for caching.

Media Acceleration

Utilizing the elastic capabilities of the Baishan edge cloud network, traffic bursts are mitigated to ensure easy handling of peak traffic on mobile applications and websites. It helps customers to reduce costs significantly while improving efficiency and performance. The use of Function@Edge transcoding and traffic expansion processing effectively copes with the surges of viewing traffic during a live broadcast.

Media Acceleration

Supporting a variety of event source types. Utilizing event trigger mechanism and through simple configuration, customizing process logic for real-time analysis and processing of continuous event flow and data flow, as well as an effective response to the massive data distributed processing needs such as the Internet of Things.

Media Acceleration