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Deliver Services Closer to Global Audience

Best performing CDN+cloud security services in the China/Asia Region

We understand your service commitment to your global audience. However, other CDNs lack the resources and expertise needed in China and Asia to help you navigate the network, regulatory, and security challenges.
Baishan’s cloud-native CDN + Security product suite offers unmatched network presence and technical/ compliance expertise. From regional delivery deployment add-on anti-DDoS and WAF services, we got you covered.

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Benefits & Differentiators (Why Baishan)

China+Asia expertise

BaishanCloud is rooted in China and increasingly competitive in the rest of Asia. Data proves we are the best CDN in Southeast Asia, defeating all of our global competitors in latency, throughput, and stability.

Cloud-native security

To form a power pair of Cloud + security, we acquired the best Chinese security company Yundun in 2018, combining the content delivery network resources and the cutting edge, zero-trust-centered security technology, the CDN + security solution propelled many enterprise-level clients.

Easy User Interface with Best customization

Unlike centralized cloud providers like Alibabacloud and Tencent Cloud, we started as a CDN/edge cloud company and dived deep into meeting complicated and technical network needs from clients of all sizes. When pre-packaged self-service doesn't integrate well with emerging clients, our customizable solution shines.

Surprising performance

We don’t compete with volume networks, whose network usually consists of less than 100 points of presence worldwide. Our network consists of over 1000 of edge nodes and its performances are in line with the top players worldwide.

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