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Enterprise Intelligent Security Acceleration

To achieve high performance and security, business operations, compliance, and other perspectives, Baishan Canvas integrates a variety of technologies that address customers’ major concerns with data security and privacy protection in the process of digital transformation. In the meantime, the platform continues to adapt to new business development requirements at the performance level, empowering customers to continue optimizing user experience and activate greater commercial value.

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Industry Pain Points

Severe Security Risk with Internal and External Challenges

  • Traditional security systems are built with single-point architecture with inflexibility for upgrade fix, making it difficult to defend against new threats.
  • Employees’ computers over the intranet can be easily manipulated by phishing and Trojan software.
  • Low-frequency serious threats continue to profit from simulating human behaviors that are difficult to detect.

Brand Assets Loss

  • Customer websites are tampered with or hijacked, website content fiddled with betting advertisements and threatening statements, leaving a bad impression on the brand.
  • Slowed websites, applications, or negative user experiences can impact brand value.
  • When businesses are severely affected, amplified negative media coverage through social media can add insult to injury.

Difficulty with Business Efficiency Improvement under New Business Model

  • Poor user experience with the website directly impacts the business conversion rate.
  • Customer businesses suffer severe financial losses with their system service capabilities reaching bottlenecks, being unable to handle any system crashes as a result of a sudden burst of website visitation and large-scale promotions.
  • System service capacity encounters bottlenecks, business bursts, big promotions, activities when the system crashes, which would cause serious losses sufficient technical support resulted from overly broad operating strategies such as website, apps, live streaming, and long/short videos.

Solution Benefits

Complete Protection with The 4-Layered Security Defense Architecture

  • Layer 1 – A distributed DDoS defense layer based on BaishanCloud's global edge cloud network capabilities provides unlimited-traffic DDoS protection to ensure high service availability and continuity.
  • Layer  2 - A cloud WAF protection layer with multi-engine analysis capabilities. It leverages a  security threat intelligence database of over 1,000 customers to achieve coordinated cross-network defense.
  • Layer  3 - A defense layer against less frequent but high-risk security attacks. It is achieved through an AI-based customer behavior analysis that effectively identifies regular customers and suspicious ones.
  • Layer  4 – A defense layer against often-overlooked intranet security threats. It identifies prevents attacks such as data leakage, Trojans, mining hosts, C2 IP address, and others.

Intelligent Acceleration

  • Intelligent whole-site acceleration: accelerate both large static files (images, installation packages, etc.) and dynamic data (personal accounts, prices, etc.), using optimized transmission links for data fetching back to the origin.
  • Image/text adaptive acceleration: By automatically compressing/formatting images and text on the CDN side without losing the image quality, the file size is significantly reduced, thus increasing transmission speed and reducing bandwidth costs.
  • Instant purge: fast network-wide content refresh in milliseconds when the website/app needs information update, hijacking correction, or illegal ban.

Business High Availability Reinforcement

  • Multi-site High Availability: primary and backup origins can be switched in seconds to achieve zero-aware switching of single-origin failures: cross-territory disaster recovery. Intelligent redundancy:   Baishan’s backup mirror origin can automatically synchronize website files from the origin to the backup origin.  With a high service availability of 99.9999%, customers can continue to use Baishan’s backup origin service even if all of their origins are down.
  • User-friendly interface: when a customer’s website/app fails, user requests will be automatically diverted to a pre-customized and user-friendly page on Baishan Canvas, without any support from the origin site.  It helps reduce the negative impact on customer business due to system failure.

Dedicated Personal Assistant Service

  • 24/7 dedicated, uninterrupted service, one on one technical post-sales support.
  • Accessible weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports, keeping customers informed of insights into their business.
  • The service also includes routine return visits, technical exchanges, and reinsurance services.

Solution Architecture

Bypassing deployment architecture that does not affect current business services.


Solution Scenarios

Security Threats to Corporate Data Assets

Enterprise data may face both internal and external threats, including frequent and ever changing cyberattacks, intranet threats such as phishing and Trojan horse software, and occasional serious threats that continue to profit from the business without being detected. Baishan’s  Enterprise Smart Security Acceleration solution adopts a 4-layered security filter to build an in-depth defense for the enterprises covering the internal and external networks to effectively guard against various types of security threats.

Optimized User Experience

The technical advantages of Baishan’s Intelligent Acceleration Service are characterized by its optimized acceleration, Webp image format auto-conversion, and Brotli text deep compression, all of which help improve website access performance while reducing bandwidth costs for customers.

High Business Availability

The diversified operations of enterprises require strong network capabilities to effectively prevent system crashes as a result of a burst of business with major promotional activities, which may incur severe losses in business operations. Through advanced technologies such as multi-site high availability and backup mirror origin, Baishan’s security acceleration platform ensures smooth operation of customer businesses and improves service availability while effectively mitigating the negative impact of system failures.