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(Dynamic Route for CDN)

Baishan's DCDN (Dynamic Route for CDN) combines intelligent routing, intelligent caching, load balancing, traffic control, protocol optimization, security protection and other technologies to provide enterprise clients with high-reliability, low-latency, high-quality acceleration services of hybrid and pure dynamic content.

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Product Benefits

Intelligent Acceleration

Using hybrid intelligent separation technology to automatically identify static resources and dispatch the nodes throughout the network. With intelligent routing, a variety of caching strategies and intelligent data compression functions, the optimal return path is selected intelligently in real-time to achieve the fastest response to requests.

Secure Access Process

Supporting full-link HTTPS encrypted transmission with neutral and reliable security capabilities. Providing a wealth of access control policies to fight against hijacking, tampering for security protection.

Stability and High Availability

Providing end-to-end, high-service assurance solutions such as load balancing, flow control, origin switch in seconds, offline mode, and more. High availability and stability of business processes are assured.

Transmission Protocol Optimization

Baishan’s optimized TCP provides fast and stable transmission of data to improve the acceleration experience through feature learning algorithms and slow-starting contracting strategies.

24/7 Services

Baishan 24/7 technical support, combined with a sound operating security system, provides butler-style services, so customers can manage their business with ease.

Product Features

Transmission Acceleration

DCDN uses technologies such as dynamic separation, intelligent routing, protocol optimization and weak network optimization, combining them with request consolidation, data compression, page redundancy optimization and other programs, to improve tranmission efficiency.

Relieving Pressure from Origin Server

Master standby, round-robin, weights and other multi-origin load balancing methods are adopted, along with the file prewarm strategy, to greatly reduce the return traffic. This ensures service availability and stability, as well as reduces the cost for origin servers.

Safety Protection

Supporting full-link HTTPS encryption, multi-certificate format, two-way authentication, and HTTP/2. Providing a variety of flexible access control strategies to meet the business need against link theft, hijacking and tampering.

Application Scenarios

  • With network-wide high-quality node coverage and intelligent routing, page loading speed is increased for e-commerce.
  • Master standby, round-robin, weights and other multi-origin load balancing methods are adopted to reduce the traffic to the origin server. This allows you to handle sudden surges of e-commerce traffic with ease.
  • Through targeted content distribution, marketing contents are delivered based on user profile, including locations, to better reach the target of promotions.
  • Supporting user distribution and behavioral data analysis to help the platform’s lading data-driven operational strategies.
  • Through full-link HTTPS encryption and our technologies against link theft, hijacking and tampering, the security of the platform is effectively protected.
Web Page Acceleration
  • Supporting delivery in seconds, origin switch in seconds and network-wide delivery of the latest game version in seconds. Players enjoy an ultra-smooth gaming experience.
  • Supporting API caching and customized caching strategy to effectively deal with sudden traffic surges during game promotions.
  • Combining with the full-link anti-hijacking program to effectively prevent all kinds of game DNS and content hijacking problems.
Download Acceleration

Combining with full-link HTTPS encryption and technologies against link theft, hijacking and tampering to prevent issues such as ballot-stuffing, information leakage and server anomalies, to meet the enhanced security needs of the financial industry.

Media Acceleration