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Secure Your Services Closer to Audience

Best performing CDN+cloud security services in the China/Asia Region.

As your web services scale, stability and availability is vital. Even just one minute of downtime or a single database breach can result in devastating damages to business and reputation.
Baishan Canvas’ security product suite is built on the idea of Cloud native security. The well rounded protection provided by deep network redundancy and self-evolving WAF rulesets as well as intelligent bot management allows you to focus on building while we focus on shielding.

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Benefits & Differentiators (Why Baishan)

Strengthened defense and DDoS protection China and Asia

BaishanCloud is rooted in China and increasingly competitive in the rest of Asia. Our extensive network bandwidth and threat detection algorithms ensures worry-free protection when DDoS attacks attempt to inundate your service.

Self-evolving Defense

Baishan’s defense mechanism is both comprehensive and proactive. On top of the redundancy bandwidth given by the network presence, AI-based, semantic-based and rulesets-based defense engines work together to prevent security breaches.

Visualization and customization

The intuitive and user-friendly interface of the security platform brings clarity to the operator. The security dashboard allows all-in-one traffic and breach monitoring.

Compliance support

Well-versed in the unique content regulations in China, Baishan understands content compliance is the foundation for business scaling. Leveraging AI-based algorithms, Canvas identifies and automatically replaces sensitive keywords in the database to prevent content blocking.

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