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As cross-border e-commerce companies accelerating overseas expansion, they begin more focused on increasing customer traffic volume, customer stickiness, and their repurchase rate through product innovation and service quality to ensure a high-quality user experience when shopping online. Baishan provides an integrated solution for cross-border e-commerce companies to enhance their competitiveness overseas.

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Industry Pain Points

Service Stability Amid Traffic Burst

To attract customers overseas, cross-border e-commerce companies use keywords, BSR ranking, and site advertising to bring traffic to their platforms.  Cross-border e-commerce companies are faced with the challenges of being able to handle traffic spikes caused by influencers’ recommended products and ensure customer online shopping experience. 

Long Construction Cycles for Overseas Network, High Maintenance Cost and Difficulties in Risk Management

Buyer experience is key to e-commerce. Sluggish website and app downloads hurt users’ browsing and purchasing experience, resulting in high customer churn, decreased revenue streams, and negative brand association.

Security Threats to Overseas Services

Defending against security incidents is another challenge for overseas services of e-commerce companies.  E-commerce fraud, such as malicious billing and garbage registration, has been steadily increasing year over year, costing retailers significant losses in revenue and profitability. During promotions, attackers may also try to cripple e-commerce platforms with CC and DDoS that can cause significant financial losses.

Solution Benefits

A Robust Global Cloud Security Acceleration Platform with High Network Capacity

Baishan’s high-quality cloud security acceleration platform supported by its global edge cloud service nodes with high bandwidth resources fully supports cross-border e-commerce overseas services.

A Global, Cross-border Optimized E-commerce Acceleration Platform, Easy to Manage, Without Having to Build Your Own

Baishan Canvas provides improved and optimized access speed through enhanced algorithms, intelligent routing, multi-channel parallel transmission, transmission optimization, connection multiplexing, and intelligent back-to-origin technologies to help overseas e-commerce clients reduce construction costs, focus on their business operations, and improve operational and management capabilities.

Strong Protection Against Cyberattack and Frauds with Comprehensive Security Service Technology

  • Anti-DDoS technical services provide 24/7 attack monitoring, attack alerts, and on-duty security experts for all protections.  The DDoS real-time attack data monitoring shows an overview of geographical offense and defense status.
  • WAF technical services are based on big data security analysis technology.

Solution Architecture

Bypassing deployment architecture that does not affect current business services.


Solution Scenarios

Enhancing Customer Transaction Experience for Cross-border E-commerce Platform

Cross-border e-commerce companies provide customized services for specific overseas countries.  Through product innovation, service enhancement, marketing, and other methods of expansion, they manage to enhance user stickiness.  User experience becomes a key to customer acquisition.  Baishan Canvas provides a whole-site acceleration service, which effectively ensures that any overseas users can quickly and smoothly access e-commerce websites for business transactions in any network environment with any devices.

Security Threats to Cross-border E-commerce Businesses

Baishan security acceleration platform fully integrates services such as CDN, WAF, anti-DDoS, and unknown threat detection.  It is designed to enable cross-border e-commerce companies to defend against security threats such as DDoS attacks and CC attacks by overseas hackers when conducting large-scale business promotions.