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By 2026, China’s online education market is expected to reach $100 billion. Growing interests in foreign language learning and tech vocational education opens opportunities for international educational companies. A real-time platform with interactive features that mimic the in-person environment will be crucial for the success of online education platforms in China.

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Industry Pain Points

Network Latency

Buffer-free playback and real-time communication are essentials for the online learning experience.  Poor playback and communication experiences not only cause frustration among students and teachers but reduce the overall learning retention due to less effective interactions.

Distributed Teachers and Students

As audiences and lecturers get online, e-learning experiences differ based on an individual’s network condition. Students located in areas with poor internet connectivity and lower bandwidth may have worse learning experiences than their peers, intensifying educational inequality.

Security Threats

High-quality, copyrighted learning resources are the key to attract students. However, threats such as learning resource package capturing, website tampering, and third-party hijacking may compromise the online learning platform, thus resulting in irreversible financial losses.

Solution Benefits

Optimized Oline Education Solutions to Ensure Stable and Smooth Online Teaching Services

The UDP-based private protocol link optimization technology can reduce the end-to-end delay to less than 200ms; it has high reliability that enables excellent real-time interactive experiences, including fast first screen opening and low latency.

Comprehensive Teaching Business Security Protection to Resist Security Risks and Reduce Losses

Baishan’s live-streaming hotlink protection provides threat detection and security protection, ensuring customers' privacy and data integrity.

Comprehensive Video Service Solution Supports All Services of Live Streaming and Video-On-Demand

Video one-stop service cross-platform enables smooth global online interaction and fully supports multiple modes of teaching live streaming, with features of multi-bitrate, watermark, video recording, video screenshot, full terminal coverage, on-demand playback, on-demand push, and more.

Comprehensive Video Service Solution Effectively Copes with Massive Traffic Concurrency for Online Education

The platform can easily support 100,000 people in a single live classroom to watch online simultaneously.

Solution Architecture

Bypassing deployment architecture that does not affect current business services.


Solution Scenarios

1 on 1 Classes (cross-region / cross-country)

One teacher remote teaching one student, suitable for meeting individual’s studying needs.

Small Class (cross-region / cross-country)

One teacher teaches small group of students from different locations. Suitable for seminar, or discussion-based learning.

Lectures/ Townhall Meetings (cross-region / cross-country)

Remote teacher teaching a whole class of students with local teaching assistant. Suitable for teaching a whole class.