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Online gaming is a billion-dollar industry that has experienced rapid growth over the last decade. With technologies like 4K and VR/AR facilitating exciting innovations in gaming, more data is required to deliver a seamless gaming experience. To optimize the user experience and meet the high-quality needs of multimedia social networking, Baishan develops solutions for game manufacturers to meet the new generation of users’ needs by putting the interaction between users in the games into consideration. Baishan gaming solution ensures a smooth gaming experience for customers looking to accelerate game downloads, deliver a smooth gaming experience, or optimize gameplay.

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Industry Pain Points

High Concurrency Audio/Video Services During Traffic Burst

There are sometimes high concurrent requests for audio and video services in the games, causing tremendous pressure on the server.  Aside from this, when new games are launched or new updates available, it often follows high and unpredictable traffic bursts which could overload the server. It’s challenging and costly to scale resources whenever there is a new release.

Slow Download in The Globalization of Game Operations

The size of game downloads is increasing exponentially.  Making gamers wait hours to download an update or a patch is a poor user experience.  At the same time, MOBA, MMO, FPS and other types of game operations are gradually globalized, and global resources are needed to support payment, update, and social networking.

Interrupted or Lagging Experience

Lagging is gamers’ worst nightmares.  Modern video games are interactive and immersive.  When a game slows down, it can take the player out of the moment and cause frustration.

Distributed Players and Diversified Forms of Communication in The Interactive Games

Online games offer an environment for players to play with others anywhere around the world. However, it’s difficult for game developers to deploy resources appropriately to ensure every player in the world has the same seamless playing experience.  Game socialization has become a norm in different types of games that gradually have their unique interactive scenes. As socialization in games became more mature, the interaction between players has gradually changed from text to audio and video.

Solution Benefits

Full-platform Technical Capabilities for Games, Comprehensive Support for Game Scenarios and Diversified Services

Baishan global live stream platform ensures a smooth live stream of large-scale live gaming events. To support, Baishan strategically deploys distributed resources covering major ISPs globally. With over 50 Tbps of bandwidth capacity worldwide, the Baishan platform provides a stable and smooth gaming experience for any live gaming event. Both PC and mobile terminals can be used to provide support for third-party platforms.

Top Infrastructure and Optimization Capabilities, a Secure and Smooth Experience for Global Gamers

Utilizing 600+ highly optimized edge cloud PoPs with sufficient bandwidth capacity, Baishan Canvas brings players a stable and smooth gaming experience.
Baishan’s link optimization technology based on the UDP private protocol can reduce the end-to-end delay to less than 200 milliseconds.  The whole network's multi-terminal access and the game loading speed have been significantly improved.  This helps gamers defend against credential stuffing, DDoS and Web security threats while the secure data transmission can be guaranteed to create a safe and high-quality operating experience for players.

Globalized Highly Scalable Expansion Satisfies Huge Demand for Secure Network-wide Access

Utilizing its highly optimized global edge cloud PoPs with sufficient bandwidth capacity, Baishan Canvas brings players a stable and smooth gaming experience, while ensuring the efficiency of game business expansion and operational capabilities.

Solution Architecture

Bypassing deployment architecture that does not affect current business services.


Solution Scenarios

Global Gaming Acceleration

Players around the world play different types of games on different operators, using different models of mobile phones, which requires consistent experience and smooth interaction among global players.

Livestream Gaming

Game players can enjoy the interactive gaming livestream with security protection. Baishan defends users against livestream hotlinking, DDoS, credential stuffing, and other security attacks.