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Baishan’s application solution for the media industry supports multiple business scenarios in the media industry, such as timely and accurate daily news updates, graphics and texts of important news, and video on demand. Powered by edge computing and years of media industry service experience, Baishan Canvas helps reduce the high-security risks across the site to guarantee continuous and stable major events and smooth live news delivery.

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Industry Pain Points

Service Stability and Availability Threatened due to Traffic Surge of Major Events and Breaking News

Media site traffic can be unpredictable. Baishan Canvas routes bandwidth resources intelligently to ensure service stability and availability resulting from website traffic surge caused by major events and breaking news.

Site-wide Security Risks

Media websites suffering from DNS hijacking, CC attacks, and DDoS attacks often have to deal with substantial public pressure. Media websites release important information that cannot afford to be hijacked. Baishan Canvas protects website content from being attacked and malicious tampering.

Challenges with Content Refresh

Real-time news is the key for media platforms to attracting audiences. Slow content refresh and playback may abate site authority and result in audience churn.  Baishan Canvas ensures continued service availability of customer websites for a timely refresh.

Compromised VOD and Live Streaming Experience

Baishan Canvas ensures smooth, high-quality live streaming and VOD of major news releases or events for media websites to avoid interrupting playback experiences that tarnish their brand.

Solution Benefits

Hot Backup to Ensure Reliable and Stable Access to Major Events

Baishan Canvas effectively leverages its edge network to provide content hot backup from the origin. This backup method enables content restoration when origin websites experiencing failure or hijack, thus ensuring content availability.

AI-Based Security Situation-awareness (SIEM) Platform and Security Experts to Help Mitigate Risks

Whenever services are under threat, the Baishan video streaming platform rapidly identifies root causes using analytical data gathered from edge servers and troubleshoot via code implementation.

Milli-Second Content Refresh to Ensure Timely and Accurate Updates of Media Website Content

Combined with P2P technology and its advanced traffic routing algorithms, Baishan Canvas can achieve network-wide content refresh in milliseconds.

Dedicated Video Support Team to Ensure Smooth Viewing Experience

With a solid track record of successfully serving major live streaming events and VOD needs for its customers, Baishan has assembled a dedicated video support team to ensure a smooth streaming user experience.

Solution Architecture

Bypassing deployment architecture that does not affect current business services.


Solution Scenarios

Real Time News Release

Baishan’s video streaming platform supports the instant update of texts, images, hyperlinks, etc.

Streaming and VoD of Major Events

Baishan’s video streaming supports the rapid implementation of VOD and live streaming event links.