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To mitigate the access and security risks introduced by diversified online banking services in the financial industry, Baishan's comprehensively secure CDN service on Canvas solves problems such as rapid iterations of the financial industry compliance requirements, the unpleasant user experience caused by too many client service modules, and the challenging situation for financial service security. The financial needs of customers have evolved, new solutions that can adapt to the requirements of the new generation of users are needed.  Baishan offers a set of industry-specific solutions that provide the ability to meet these different clients’ requirements.

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Industry Pain Points

Challenges in Meeting with Industry Compliance Requirements

With the online finance industry strictly regulated,  satisfying the demand for rapidly evolving financial services while maintaining regulatory compliance has become a challenge for the industry.

More Diversified User Access Mode Raises High Expectation for User Experience 

Online financial institutions continue to innovate to create convenience for users. Improving user experience, shaping an enterprise’s brand, and attracting investment are issues to solve urgently.

The Security Situation in All Aspects of Financial Business Services is Critical

"Deal hunters” (shopping bots) continually attack online businesses’ websites and other online assets.  The invasion of enterprises' mobile user devices, software hacks, and phishing attacks are common, resulting in severe economic losses to financial institutions and their users.

Solution Benefits

Global Edge Cloud Platform Ensures Secured CDN Acceleration and  Guarantees Service Compliance

Baishan’s innovative, traffic-routing technology enables optimal access points for online financial customers.  Users can enjoy a smooth access experience with different network providers. Baishan Canvas ensures service quality and guarantees the compliance and stability of the overall performance in the financial industry.

Optimized HTTPS Services for Financial Industry to Improve User Experience

  • Baishan Canvas effectively supports two-way authentication for online finance businesses to ensure the overall security of business transactions.  With its secure management platform, Baishan ensures secure storage of certificates and private keys, also supports certificate expiration notification and replacement services.
  • Baishan Canvas provides certificate optimization services, it deploys both RSA and ECC types of certificates at CDN nodes and provides optimization functions during the SSL handshake process; It selects more suitable certificates based on which certificate can be supported from the client, to obtain the best service results.

Full Access to Security Service Support in the Financial Industry to Fully Defend  Attack Threats

  • Baishan WAF service is based on Big Data security analysis technology.  Through the collection of information security data from a variety of data sources, Baishan conducts in-depth analysis and data collection of valuable information; actively accesses information about potential security threats; upgrades the security rules library in real-time with dynamic linkage; and responds early to unknown security threats, different from the traditional single-point, passive, silo approach to reduce risks and achieve better security protection.
  • Baishan’s anti-DDoS Protection service provides 24/7, all-around attack monitoring, alerts, and security monitors with our DDoS real-time attack data graphical display and attack/defense situation panoramic map display.

Solution Architecture

Bypassing deployment architecture that does not affect current business services.


Solution Scenarios

Diversified Online Finance Industry Business Access

The online financial industry has innovated a variety of business models to provide convenience for users and create more returning customers.  As a result, user experience has become a key part of customer success.  Baishan Canvas provides CDN services that effectively enable users from different networks to quickly access their financial business accounts for easy queries and transactions.

Internet Security Threats to Online Finance Business

Online financial transactions related to loans, crowdfunding, financial management, and consumption, have often been targeted for hacking and malicious attacking.  The use of an integrated platform that offers services such as CDN, WAF, anti-DDoS Protection, and unknown threat detection is strongly recommended.