Leading Independent Edge Cloud Service Provider in China
Captivating Global Network Connectivity
Compensate the limitations of central cloud capabilities
Real-time Intelligent Scheduling of Computing and Networking
Faster, More Secure, More Economical

300 +

Covered Cities

60 Million Times

CC Attacks Blocked Per Day

1700 +

Global Edge Nodes

<50 ms,1 Billion-level

Data Intelligent Scheduling Decision

150000 +

Edge Containers

4.5 T

Single Node Anti-DDoS Capacity

80 Million Times

Average Daily API calls

<30 ms

Ultra-low latency

80 T

Redundancy Bandwidth

600 Billion Times

Daily Requests Processed

100 +

International telecom operators' partners

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Baishan Cloud Full-Edge Connectivity Platform
Powered by globally covered network resources, the Platform securely connect everyone and everthing everywhere
All ConnectedAll VisualizedAll OrchestratableAll Secured
Baishan Cloud Full-Edge Connectivity Platform
Powered by globally covered network resources, the Platform securely connect everyone and everthing everywhere
Globally Deployed Edge Cloud Nodes
300+Coverd Cities(All Over the World)
100+ Cooperation and interconnection among overseas telecom operators
600 Billion TimesDaily Requests Proceed
Core Technology of Edge Cloud
Massive Heterogeneous Resource Management and Scheduling Technology
The massive heterogeneous resource management and scheduling technology is designed to coordinate the usage of various kinds of networks and computing resources, such as IDC networks, enterprise office networks, personal computers and home routers that are located near the end users. We employ advanced decision-making algorithms to optimize resource allocation and task scheduling based on user demand and network conditions. This ensures swift delivery of contents and optimizes the utilization of network resources. In addition, such technologies also possess key functions including non-intrusive user access based on temporary redirects, web-wide caching, and hot/cold data exchange engine based on data volumes. These technological advancements enable the breakthroughs from the traditional CDN scale of thousands of nodes and tens of thousands of servers to the capability of managing and using millions of nodes and numerous servers to process massive heterogeneous resources.As a result, we are able to process massive data closer to end users at lower costs and minimized network latency, with service quality comparable to traditional CDN.
Global High-performance SD-WAN
We have designed and implemented a set of proprietary technologies to optimize the performance of network transmission, represented by the global high-performance SD-WAN that effectively interconnects massive heterogeneous edge nodes securely and efficiently. Central cloud service providers must construct fiber network to address this problem. In comparison, our global high-performance SD-WAN constitutes all edge nodes into one network, which lays the network foundation for edge cloud scheduling control and end-to-end use cases, such as video conferencing, IoT communication control and multi-branch security networking, to achieve intelligently and centrally unified network management. Our technical advancements in SD-WAN are mainly represented by (1)data plane with stateless transit nodes achieved through segmented routing for fast convergence optimal traffic scheduling on the global scale and flexible adaptation to the network transmission needs of different business scenarios; and (3) global dynamic intelligent routing algorithm and real-time dynamic link optimization, aiming to achieve high accessibility, high stability, high speed and low cost for peer-to-peer communication worldwide. Global high-performance SD-WAN can achieve faster data transmission in different use cases. For example, the speed of file download can be accelerated by more than 10 times.
Edge-native Technology
Edge-native technology serves as the unified underlying technical infrastructure for our service modules. Although edge cloud nodes are a large number of heterogeneous networks, devices and operating systems, we introduce edge-native technology to achieve unified abstraction and encapsulation to build and run highly scalable,flexible and resilient applications on cloud infrastructure. We adopt the same standardized cloud computing technology architecture for each edge cloud node through edge-native technology so that the underlying computing resources are pooled for flexible yet unified platform-wise capacity management. The underlying heterogeneity is transparent to the upper layer business and simplifies our development and operation management. Based on such a standardized technology platform, we are able to significantly improve the efficiency of application development and shorten the development cycle of new services.
Built-in Edge Security Technology
We have developed built-in edge security technology to protect both our infrastructures and our security and computing services. To cope with massive DDoS attacks, we developed the high-performance anti-DDoS firewall software,which is capable of achieving a single machine IP message processing capacity of 10 million PPS. Our edge nodes use containers and the microservice architecture to achieve secure resource orchestration when allocating separate network and process spaces for different services, minimizing the mutual impact caused by application security vulnerabilities.Furthermore, we have built a globally unified zero-trust network to achieve secureinterconnection of global office intranets and a zero-trust security-based access control to enable a transparent and secure authentication of each access to office applications.
Faster, More Secure, and More
Economical Edge Cloud Products
Network Services
Based on Baishan Cloud's extensive edge nodes, intelligent routing, smart caching, load balancing, and other technologies.
  • Edge whole site acceleration network
  • Edge download delivery network
  • Edge streaming delivery network
  • Edge global application acceleration
  • Edge global link acceleration
Edge Security
Based on edge native and native security technology foundation, we have developed a comprehensive product that integrats multiple security features.
  • Cloud WAF
  • Anti-DDoS
  • Edge security acceleration
  • Advanced Threat Detection (ATD)
  • Firewall
Zero Trust Secure Access
Based on the concept of Zero Trust and Baishan Cloud's global edge network, building new security boundaries for office networks.
  • Hide asset exposure surface
  • Unified identity management
  • Endpoint baseline detection
  • Advanced threat defense
  • Fine-grained authorization
  • Security visualization
Secure Intelligent Networking
Building an access control model based on user identity, Applications, and devices.
  • Intelligent routing
  • WAN transmission optimization
  • Cloud-based unified management
  • Security defense system
Edge Computing
Providing enterprises with powerful edge computing capabilities, including edge cloud hosts, edge containers, and more.
  • Edge cloud server
  • Edge container
  • Bare metal cloud
  • Serverless
  • Orchsym iPaaS
Integrated and Scenario-based Edge Cloud Solutions
Insights Derived from Deep Understanding of Various Industry Business Scenarios
  • Global Content Delivery
  • Portal Website Edge Security Acceleration
  • Global Link Acceleration
  • Enterprise Security Networking & Zero Trust Access Acceleration
  • API Management& Security Protection
  • Global Edge Computing Distribution
Global Content Delivery
Baishan Cloud's Global Edge Cloud Platform proposes a comprehensive, professional one-stop global content delivery solution that effectively solves network performance problems caused by cross-regional and cross-operator situations, providing customers with agile, rapid, and secure global content acceleration services.
Portal Website Edge Security Acceleration
Based on Baishan Cloud's Global Edge Cloud Platform, it protects and accelerates portal websites from DDoS attacks, web application attacks, and malicious crawlers, ensuring the stability, security, and good user experience of portal websites.
Global Link Acceleration
Baishan Cloud's Global Edge Cloud Platform provides high-performance global link acceleration solutions for global enterprises by building edge nodes, link resources, and a variety of transmission optimization technologies globally, improving network access quality and helping enterprises expand global markets.
Enterprise Security Networking & Zero Trust Access Acceleration
The integration of global WAN networking and security technology is a new challenge facing enterprise digital transformation. Relying on the global edge cloud network security base of Baishan Cloud, it integrates with all-in-one comprehensively at three aspects of resources, architecture, and control, incorporating the concept of zero-trust, ensuring enterprise assect scurity.
API Management& Security Protection
Baishan Cloud's API management and security protection solution provides enterprises with cross-device, cross-application, cross-cloud, and cross-partner API unified management, agile integration, and security protection, using API strategies to help enterprises establish business models, ecosystems, and digital strategies.
Global Edge Computing Distribution
The global edge computing distribution solution is a technical solution that can aggregate, optimize, and distribute computing resources worldwide, providing efficient, stable, and secure global computing services for enterprises.
ISO 27017(云服务信息安全管理体系认证标准)
ISO 27017(云服务信息安全管理体系认证标准)
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