Product Advantages
Lower cost
Professional network solutions upgraded with MPLS private lines, VPN networking, and other desired methods effectively reduce construction and maintenance costs for enterprises.
Better access experience
Baishan's 1700+ global edge nodes cover 300+ cities with one-click access, providing faster global connections.
Zero Trust Access Gateway
Zero Trust Access Gateway shrink the attack surface by granting end users or IoT devices least privilege access based on identity, context, intelligence, resource and etc. And the intelligent detection of anomalous behavior with granular access policies can block security threats and prevent information leakage effectively.
More efficient operation and maintenance
Visualized and centralized management with intelligent automatic analysis reduce IT maintenance pressure, achieving efficient operation
Product Feature
Intelligent routing
Based on real-time global network monitoring data, routing algorithm and ai technology, the intelligent routing system provides the optimal routing for user requests, ensuring a fast and timely response.
WAN transmission optimization
Network packet re-encapsulation and intelligent compression effectively reduce duplicate traffic on WAN transmission; Protocol optimization is implemented to prevent packet loss and retransmission;Improving network performance and transmission speeds and providing optimized access experience.
Centralized management in the cloud
Centralized controllers with unified management, operation, and maintenance encompass the entire network. Customers’headquarters can control the network globally through cloudaccess.
Security protection system
Identity authentication, access control, and permission management holistically ensure application security. Redundant backups with all carrier coverage ensure ultra-high service availability.
Application Scenarios
Customer Case
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