Business Pain Points
Poor User Access Experience
When users access "Internet + government services" through different devices in various network environments with high latency in data response and lagging problems, making it difficult to ensure users a good access experience.
Frequent High-Traffic Attacks
The "Internet + government services" is at risk of DDoS and CC attacks at any time, continuity of services is difficult to be sustained.
Hard to Control the Bot Behavior
As the "Internet + government services" advances, relevant government websites have also become the key targets of bot attacks such as crawlers, credential stuffing, content scraping, and other bot attacks, which increase the risk for government systems and may lead to damage to the government's "Internet+government services" business.
High Pressure on Security Operation and Maintenance
With the development of "Internet + government services" security threats are increasing daily, protection for cybersecurity in critical periods have been normalized, and higher requirements and quicker responses have been put forward for security operation and maintenance.
Advantages of the Solution
Improved Digital Access Experience for Users

Based on the globally distributed 1700+ edge nodes of the Baishan Canvas platform, the core technical means such as intelligent routing, protocol optimization, cross-network transmission can solve problems such as network congestion, effectively improving user experience in accessing "Internet + government services".

Effectively Preventing High-Traffic Attacks

Based on the full protection capabilities provided by big data, AI technologies, and the robust global network resources to defend against DDoS attacks, CC attacks, and other high-traffic attacks, the solution improves the continuity of business access.

Preventing Malicious Bot Requests

Based on the bot behavior management module, precision access control and threat intelligence to distinguish between normal bots and malicious bots, and classify them to control and manage bot behaviors.

24/7 Security Expert Services

24/7 security experts are always online to deal with security emergencies timely, ensuring a secure environment for business operations.

Architecture Diagram of the Solution
Application Scenes
Accelerating Integrated Government Services Platforms
For scenarios such as information release of government departments and the public inquiry of government information and handling various business services, the Baishan Canvas platform optimizes access speed and improve user experience, helping government agencies provide efficient and convenient digital government services.
"Internet + Government Services" Security Construction
As for the online government services platform of governments at all levels, the Baishan Cloud security construction solutionenhances the security of the government service platform itself by adopting advanced security technologies and policies to ensure that the public and enterprises are safe and secure when using the platform.
Cybersecurity during major events
Baishan provides expert teams for important events, through the integration of "products + people + processes", we complete network security risk analysis and policy reinforcement to achieve zero security incidents, and will summarize security incidents, services, and other relevant data during the period and generate the Summary Report on Cybersecurity for major events.
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