Product Advantages
Zero deployments, zero operation, and maintenance
The website content monitoring service is provided in the SaaS model, which provides a 24/7 attentive hosting service without needing any local deployment of hardware equipment or server room resources.
Hierarchical authorization, efficient management
The monitoring platform account can be configured according to the hierarchical structure of the unit, and each unit can log in to the platform at any time to check the website monitoring situation. At the same time, the leader in charge can fully grasp the monitoring situation of the subordinate units.
High-accuracy manual review
Combining system monitoring, manual monitoring, and other methods, the complementary cooperative monitoring mode featuring “online + offline” integration, full coverage, precision, and accuracy is adopted to comprehensively detect risk points and reduce the interference of invalid alerts to customers.
Product Feature
Confidential and sensitive data monitoring
Monitor the website for sensitive data (such as reactionary, violent, pornographic content, etc.) and confidential data (such as personal ID information, phone numbers, etc.), self-check, and self-correct to avoid the spread of adverse content which may cause negative social impacts.
Security event monitoring
Real-time monitoring of important website pages for malicious modification and malicious code is provided to timely detect and process security issues to avoid spreading security incidents and affecting the credibility of the website.
Vulnerability scanning
Security vulnerability exploited by lawbreakers will quickly result in various dire consequences, such as the obtaining and spread of sensitive information through privilege escalation, illegal miningand zombies, etc. Regularly scanning the website makes detecting and solving security vulnerabilities to avoid potential troubles timely.
Availability monitoring
Distributed high-availability monitoring nodes perform real-time 24/7 monitoring of the availability of websites, online systems, and specified pages, alert in seconds for unavailability issues and unavailable links for rapid analysis and locating abnormalities.
Typo monitoring
A typo proofreading system is provided to prevent the website from releasing content containing typos in advance; the published content on the website is monitored in real-time, and the system automatically locates the typos and provides modification comments.
IPv6 monitoring
Monitor the IPv6 accessibility, IPv6 support rate of secondary links and tertiary links, locate the specific links that do not comply with the standard in real-time, and realize precise rectification.
Application Scenarios
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