Service Details
Integrated National Level Protection
Helping enterprise customers pass the national level protection evaluation, providing consultation and coordinating local assessment organizations to evaluate the system level, and guiding them to complete the gap rectification and reinforcement.
Vulnerability Scanning Service
Based on a robust vulnerability database, it provides comprehensive vulnerability scanning against hosts, databases, and application systems, helping organizations discover known vulnerabilities in a timely manner to patch systems and applications and improve security.
Anti-Phishing Monitoring and Shutdown Services
One-stop anti-phishing security services, including anti-phishing website detection and shutdown services, counterfeit APP detection and removal services, and phishing public account detection and freezing services.
Defense and Protection Drill Service
Simulate attack behaviors, test the security performance and emergency response capabilities of enterprise information systems, and effectively improve enterprises' security defense and response capabilities through targeted tests and drills.
Emergency Response Services
Sort out emergency plans and conduct drills in advance. When the system is under attack, security technical experts help customers carry out emergency responses, prevent illegal attacks by hackers, inhibit the spread of the impact of the incident, and provide security reinforcement suggestion
Security Awareness Training Services
Provide enterprise employees with network security knowledge and skills training and verify the results through phishing drills. One-stop enhancement of employees' security awareness and preventive capabilities to reduce the security risk of the enterprise.
Service Advantages
Protocols for Process Cover All Scenarios
Strictly in line with relevant domestic and international standards, laws, and regulations, Baishan provides customers with systematic and comprehensive security services.
Customized Solutions Tailored to the Business Needs
Baishan takes comprehensive approaches to understand customers’ security pain points and customizes high-quality solutions that tightly fit their business operations to maximize the security products protection results.
Panoramic View of Combat Grade Defense
A seasoned Defense and Protection Team with an unconventional approach examines the customer's security protection system from a hacker’s perspective and provides combat-grade security services.
Professional Protection
A team of over 100 seasoned technical staff offers professional and comprehensive protection to ensure business security.
Service Procedure
Internet Exposure Detection Service
Internet exposure detection is provided from the customer's perspective through big data-based three-dimensional attack and defense techniques, combined with security service experts’ research and analysis of suspect points. It is possible to effectively detect the exposure of domains, IPs, ports, mobile applications, email boxes, platform codes, documents, cloud storage, community information, and other digital assets on the Internet and provide advice on reducing exposure surface
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Penetration Test Service
Penetration test service is a service that simulates actual attacks, evaluates the security of target systems and applications, and provides security advice and remediation solutions
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Security Inspection and Reinforcement Service
Security inspection for customer business services includes baseline inspection, log audit, attack surface management, and vulnerability detection. Security reinforcement is implemented for customers through the security inspection service.
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Cybersecurity in Important Period
Full-lifecycle security services in important periods (attack vs defense drills, important conferences, holidays, etc.). Prevention of hacker attacks and invasion, website tampering, ransomware infection and other security incidents.
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Protect and accelerate access to your website and application systems
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