Product Advantages
Intelligent Scheduling Undertakes High Concurrency
80Tbps+ redundancy bandwidth, T+ level elastic bandwidth, and edge cloud node collaboration widely deployed globally help enterprises easily undertake massive burst requests.
Seamless Audio and Video Experiences
Self-developed live broadcast weak network optimization, GOP cache second opening, providing users with a high-quality audio-visual experience with low latency, low freeze rate, and high image quality.
Three-dimensional Security Protection
It achieves all-around detection and protection based on HTTPS security acceleration, multi-dimensional anti-hotlinking, and second-level broadcast banning. It ensures the live broadcasting business of enterprises.
Seasoned Industry Experience
Integrating Baishan's extensive practical experience in various industries, it provides complete solutions covering multiple industries such as live broadcast e-commerce, radio, and television, entertainment interaction, online education, online video, Internet TV on demand, music video on demand, etc.
Product Feature
Edge Live Streaming Network
Excellent global edge real-time streaming media transmission network guarantees high-quality transmission.
Edge High-quality Delivery
Prioritize stream scheduling to the optimal nodes to ensure user access quality feed and solve problems such as stream freeze and high latency in pulling streams.
Global Acceleration
With widely distributed edge nodes, Baishan supports global streaming pulling and distribution, easily achieves cross-border live streaming, and improves the access experience in the global scope.
Comprehensive Streaming Features
Baishan supports multiple protocols such as RTMP, HLS, and FLV and serves multi-service scenarios such as regular live streaming, second-level low-latency live streaming, interactive live streaming, and VOD. Supporting live push/pull streaming, multi-format playback, real-time processing, and adaptive bit rate.
Security Protection
Supports multiple encryption and anti-hotlinking technologies, effectively prevents hijacking, tampering, and hotlinking, and eliminates illegal push and pull streaming behaviors; supports the live ban and other functions to improve business compliance. Support HTTPS full link acceleration, anti-hotlinking, third-party authentication, URL encryption, support the instant broadcast ban, time-lapse streaming, and other functions to improve customer compliance requirements.
Data Analysis
Comprehensive data analysis to assist service analysis, including real-time monitoring of streaming quality, node performance status, and real-time positioning of playback problems; a full analysis of real-time bandwidth, traffic, number of requests, and other statistic data to understand service operation status; open standard API interface, easy to obtain data and adjust service and operation strategies based on multi-dimensional data analysis results.
Application Scenarios
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