Business Pain Points
Failure of public cloud and serial products to meet security needs
With the growing prevalence of encrypted traffic attacks, public cloud architectures cannot perfectly preserve the confidentiality of all bank certificates, while serial security products that modify the existing architectures may introduce certain risks
Conventional rule-based strategies cannot defend against unknown attack threats
Internet banking faces various security threats, with constantly emerging new attack methods that traditional static rule-based strategies are unable to handle
Information asymmetry in attack and defense makes it difficult to operate systematic defense
No black-hat intelligence database for systematic security defense and no collaboration with other security products in the defense process
Advantages of the Solution
A security protection solution which can comprehensively address security attack threats

Baishan Cloud's bank security situational awareness solution analyzes access logs and identifies various attacks based on behavior analysis, eliminating the need for decrypting traffic packets or bank-provided certificates to prevent certificate leakage. Additionally, it combines FE and AI algorithms to identify anomalous account behaviors in real time, and utilizes UEBA technique to detect various abnormal access behaviors, effectively addressing all types of security threats

Effective warning of unknown attack threats with multiple precision algorithms

Through unknown threat detection and fraud detection, the solution can identify and block unknown threat invasions, detect marketing fraud behaviors such as click farming and malicious bonus abuse through loopholes. Combined with the global IP reputation database, it examines key information such as street-level IP geolocation, IP historical behaviors, IP types, etc., ensuring accurate threat traceability

Visualized security warning display to enhance operational capabilities

Various security data can be visualized from multiple dimensions, and threat processing logic can be encoded and orchestrated, enabling comprehensive security awareness. Automatic alarms ensure a quick incident response from security personnel. Additionally, asset discovery capabilities are integrated to help banks organize all data assets and achieve asset security monitoring, thereby enhancing overall security operation capabilities

Architecture Diagram of the Solution
Application Scenes
Multi-type application-layer traffic attack threats in banking
In the case of application-layer traffic attacks with multiple protocols, serial security devices cannot block encrypted attacks without certificates. Baishan Cloud utilizes private bypass deployment, allowing for behavior analysis based on access logs with no need for certificates. Relying on FE and UEBA technique, it effectively identifies and blocks various types of traffic attacks, comprehensively addressing the application-layer security threats of bank customers
Comprehensive analysis, investigation, and localization of bank security incidents
Typical security incident analysis is generally based on fragmented security systems for isolated handling. Baishan Cloud's NG-SIEM system can improve the efficiency of security investigation and localization through temporal association and orchestration. By leveraging security devices linkage and triggering appropriate blocking mode based on the threat type, it resolves security threats in a timely manner, reducing various types of losses brought by the threats
Automated and standardized response to bank security incidents
Alarms from different security devices require a significant amount of effort from specialized security personnel to analyze, grade and handle. Baishan Cloud supports hierarchical processing of various types of alarms by integrating various security devices. With its security incident orchestration capability, it enables standardized and automated handling of security incidents, greatly improving the efficiency of bank security operation and maintenance
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