Business Pain Points
Deficiency of security operation and maintenance capabilities
Typical security systems face various challenges in operation and maintenance, making it difficult to meet the requirements of building an in-depth security defense system
Inability to defend against diverse attack forms
New types of attacks continue to emerge, increasing the requirements for government network security
Inability to defend due to information asymmetry in defense and attack
The lack of security intelligence support makes it difficult to defend against unknown security threats and prevent the recurrence of security risks from the source
Advantages of the Solution
Integrated platform-based services which can comprehensively enhance security operation capabilities

Various security data can be visualized from multiple dimensions, and threat processing logic can be encoded and orchestrated, enabling comprehensive security awareness. Automatic alarms ensure a quick incident response from security personnel. Additionally, asset discovery capabilities are integrated to help government customers organize all data assets and achieve asset security monitoring, thereby enhancing overall security operation capabilities

Comprehensive security situational awareness and early warning against unknown attack threats

Based on AI and machine learning algorithms, our solution enables detection and blocking of various security threats through its unknown threats and fraud detection capabilities. By combining vulnerability scanning, penetration testing and other expert services, it comprehensively captures vulnerability detection behaviors and prevents the exploitation of vulnerabilities from the source

Active learning algorithms and correlation analysis are adopted to address information asymmetry in defense and attack

With active learning algorithms, the system proactively learns access behavior patterns and builds comprehensive access models. Meanwhile, it integrates multi-source logs to establish correlation analysis of security incidents, effectively helping government departments detect unknown threat invasions and establish a comprehensive security situational awareness system, facilitating government customers' transformation towards secure informationization

Architecture Diagram of the Solution
Application Scenes
Defending against vulnerability scanning attack threats
By scanning and exploiting vulnerabilities in various interfaces, hackers can manipulate website content, implant web shells, insert hidden links, etc., and they can even break into the intranet to further damage the system. Baishan Cloud utilizes UEBA technique to analyze access behaviors of government websites, effectively detecting various types of leakage and continuous leakage attempts, thus preventing cyberattacks triggered by leakage incidents
Defending against 0-day exploits
Hackers launch unknown attacks through 0-day vulnerabilities, which could bypass all traditional security devices. Baishan Cloud integrates security capabilities such as anomaly behavior detection, event correlation analysis, asset monitoring, etc. and combines known program operations to establish a defense baseline which can timely identify any abnormal behaviors caused by 0-day vulnerabilities. Additionally, with the automated orchestration capability, it allows for a prompt response to security threats
Rapid incident localization and response
Traditional government security incident analysis is generally based on fragmented security systems for isolated handling. Baishan Cloud's NG-SIEM system can improve the efficiency of security investigation and localization through temporal association and orchestration. By leveraging security devices linkage and triggering appropriate blocking mode based on the threat type, it helps government departments establish automated response mechanisms for business security operations, accelerating government customers' transformation towards secure informatization.
Comprehensive monitoring and management of network assets
Government departments possess numerous network assets, and assets with outdated version may provide hackers with vulnerabilities for system intrusion. Baishan Cloud's security situational awareness solution can draw the topology of government network assets through asset discovery, and centralize the management of data assets in real time, ensuring timely updates of system. Additionally, it can effectively monitor abnormal behaviors among systems, enabling unified management of asset security and thereby avoiding security incidents caused by untimely collaborative operations and maintenance and weak security awareness
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