Product Advantages
More convenient one-click security and compliance construction
Based on a cloud-native secure edge network, the plug-in injects security capabilities based on multi-engine (“AI + semantics + intelligent rules”) vulnerability protection, DDoS attack protection, Bot management, sensitive data leakage prevention, effectively solving various application security problems such as vulnerability attacks, sensitive data leakage and business continuity attacks, and completing resolution access in one click to meet compliance requirements such as testing and evaluation of classified protection of cybersecurity.
More reliable failover in seconds
Based on the global heterogeneous resource scheduling technique, Baishan edge security acceleration realizes distributed multi-active disaster tolerance and switch to available security edge nodes in seconds in case of a node failure to realize impact-free user access.
More secure threat isolation
Secure resource orchestration using containers and microservices architecture allocates separate network and process spaces for different application services, minimizing the mutual impact of application security threats.
More stable and always on-line
Based on intelligent origin backup of MSHA, priority response, content analysis, and other techniques, it automatically backs up the latest content of the origin to realize MSHA without origin modification and automatically starts the mirror disaster recovery system when the origin fails to keep the business always available.
Faster proximity access
The globally distributed security edge nodes can achieve proximity access and proximity cleaning for users, enabling users to experience fast and secure millisecond-level access.
More economical on-demand activation
Enable on-demand services according to business needs, providing clients with a more economical and flexible service model with optional protection capabilities.
More controllable visible security posture
Provide a comprehensive and various 2D/3D rotatable visualization of cyberspace security large screen, enabling visual tracking of the real threats and protection situation, pinpointing threats, and quickly tracing the attack source.
Product Feature
Vulnerability intrusion protection
Comprehensive coverage of OWASP common attacks, effectively protecting against SQL injection, cross-site scripting, remote command injection, Webshell upload, vulnerability scanning, and other common Web attacks, and real-time updating 0day vulnerability and rule database.
Cross-protocol DDoS defense
It fully supports HTTP, HTTPS, TCP, UDP, and other protocols to effectively defends against ICMP Flood, SYN Flood, SYN-ACK Flood, ACK Flood, FIN-RST Flood, TCP fragmentation attack, TCP port exhaustion attack, UDP Flood, UDP fragmentation attack and other types of attacks to protect business continuity.
CC attack protection
Based on the application layer CC attack intelligent identification algorithm defense engine, combined with the kernel firewall, IP reputation library, device fingerprint library, behavioral verification code, etc., to block CC attacks in seconds. The custom protection models based on business characteristics are supported to customize proprietary protection policies for different business scenarios and control user access accurately and flexibly.
Bot attack protection
Built-in hundreds of known Bot intelligence databases, relying on big data analysis technology, combined with threat intelligence to identify real people and Bot behaviors, effectively defending against Bot attacks.
API security
Detect API risks (such as sensitive data leakage, internal interface exposure, etc.), implement orchestration, authentication, and traffic restriction management are implemented for APIs to protect API from being exploited for privilege escalation in its life cycle.
Intelligent origin backup
Intelligent origin backup automatically synchronizes the content of the origin to maintain public services when the origin fails or being tampered with.
IPv6 compliance rebuilding
Self-adaptive IPv6 dual stack helps customers achieve fast compliance.
Sensitive data leakage prevention
Sensitive data is masked to prevent data leakage.
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