Business Pain Points
Poor Performance in Large-Scale Data Processing
Low efficiency and slow response in processing and analyzing large amounts of data
Poor Stability of High-Concurrency Applications
In the case of high-concurrency access, the applications for global users would experience performance drops or poor stability
High Latency in Real-Time Computing
Edge devices suffer high latency and long response times in data transmission for real-time computing
Difficulty in Cross-Regional Business Expansion
The high cost and complexity of cross-regional deployments affect the rapid expansion of business to global locations
Poor Flexibility in Capacity Expansion and Reduction
Customers need to adjust the resource scale according to the changes ing in business load, but it is difficult to achieve rapid capacity expansion and reduction.
Advantages of the Solution
Global Resources to Support the Efficient Processing of Large-scale Massive Data

The global computing distribution solution of computing power utilizesuses advanced distributed computing and data processing technologies to dispersedistribute massive data processing onamong computing power resources inat multiple geographic locations so as toto achieve efficient data processing through parallel computing and distributed task scheduling.

Intelligent Scheduling Algorithm to Support More

Operation Stability of High-Concurrency Applications Through the distributed computing power nodes deployed all over the globeglobally, the global computing distribution solution of computing power can distribute requests to the nodes closest to the user for processing with load-balancing in a load-balanced manner, therefore reducing latency and improving concurrency handlingprocessing ability.

Massive Edge Resources Sinking to the Edge for Low-Latency Edge Computing

The global computing distribution solution of computing power deploys the computing power resources on the edge nodes to ensure thatbring computing and processing tasks are as close to the end userend-user or data source as possible, thus reducing the time and latency in data transmission and enablingdelivering fast edge computing and real-time response

High-Quality Global Network Link for Flexible Cross-Regional Deployment

With cross-regional deployment abilities, the global computing distribution solution of computing power can flexibly distribute computing resources power around the worldworldwide according to business needs to ensure the proximity of the resources, reduce the cost and latency of network transmission and streamlinesimplify business expansion and deployment process

Excellent Resource Operation Capability for Rapid and Flexible Capacity Expansion and Reduction

Based on the cloud computing and virtualization technologies, the global computing distribution solution of computing power can achieve flexible capacity expansion and reduction according to the changes in business loads. Through the automated resource management and scheduling mechanism, itThe automated resource management and scheduling mechanism can adjust the scale of computing resourcespower according to the dynamic needsactual demand to achieve , thus reducing cost optimization and improving resource utilization improvement

Architecture Diagram of the Solution
Application Scenes
Cloud Gaming
By dDistributing gaming the computing and rendering tasks in gaming to edge computing nodes worldwide, it delivers a low-latency gaming experience and supports large-scale online multiplayer games
Automated Driving
With the global computing distribution solution of computing power, the large amount of sensor data collected by the autonomous vehicles can be processed and analyzed in real timereal-time to acquire accurate sensing and decision-making capabilities
Industrial Control
By deploying distributed computing power nodes on industrial devicesequipments and production lines, it can analyzes and controls the real-time monitored data to improve productivity and quality, and support intelligent industrial control systems
Smart City
By deploying computing power resources on each node in the city for real-time processing and analysis of the city data thereof, it provides supports applications such asfor intelligent transportation, environmental monitoring and, intelligent security, and similar applications, improving the efficiency of city management and services.
Cross-Regional Business Expansion
For enterprises with global businesses, the global computing distribution solution of computing power can help achieveenables cross-regional business expansion and deployment,, and ensuringe the proximity and low latency of services, improving user experience and business competitiveness
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