Business Pain Points
Diversification of game interaction forms and scenarios, increasing the difficulty of service operation support
The social attributes of the game have been strengthened, and the form of player interaction has evolved from text to voice and video, and more unique interaction scenarios have been incubated, which has put forward higher requirements for the game's real-time and social fluency.
Globalization of game operations makes it difficult to securely deliver a smooth game experience to global gamers.
The globalization of game operations has resulted in the need for global resources to support payment, game updates, and social networking, ensuring a secure experience and a consistent gaming experience for players around the world.
Highly concurrent game audio and video services, unable to quickly meet the expansion of global resources
The sudden increase of high concurrent requests within a short period of time caused by game marketing will put great pressure on the server, and whether the global resources can be scaled up quickly will become a bottleneck for business growth
Advantages of the Solution
Full-platform Technical Capabilities for Games, Comprehensive Support for Game Scenarios and Diversified Services

Baishan Cloud Edge Cloud Platform provides game full-platform technical capabilities, fully supports diversified services for game scenarios and forms, adapts to PC and mobile devices, and can provide support for third-party platforms. Meanwhile, based on the globalized live broadcasting platform, it provides guarantee for smooth broadcasting of large-scale game live events

Top Edge Network Coverage and Optimization Capabilities, a Secure and Smooth Experience for Global Gamers

Based on the edge cloud platform global 1700+ service nodes, using UDP private protocol link optimization technology to achieve a significant increase in the speed of multi-terminal access and game loading over the entire network, ensuring that global gamers have a consistent gaming experience; and integrates of Web application firewall, DDoS protection and other security capabilities to create a secure game environment for the players

Globalized Highly Scalable Expansion Satisfies Huge Demand for Secure Network-wide Access

High-quality globalized CDN resources, covering more than 100 operators in six continents, rich node resources and T-level redundancy resources, to ensure that when the player surge, to help you quickly expand the resources to improve the efficiency of the game business expansion and operational capacity, to protect the player's stable gaming experience

Architecture Diagram of the Solution
Application Scenes
Global Gaming Acceleration
Support global players in different carrier network environments, using different cell phones, applying different types of games, to ensure that the global player experience is consistent and smooth interaction.
Livestream Gaming
Game players can enjoy the interactive gaming livestream with security protection. Baishan defends users against livestream hotlinking, DDoS, credential stuffing, and other security attacks
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