Business Pain Points
Diversified Attack Means Increase Prevention Difficulty
High-traffic DDoS attacks, web application attacks, malicious crawlers and many other security threats
Complex Global Networks Lead to Poor User Access Experience
It is slow to access the portal, resulting in a poor user experience
The web portal carries a wide range of services, resulting in high complexity of operations and maintenance
The large-scale portal increases the pressure and complexity of its operation and maintenance.
Strict Regulatory Reviews Impose More Security and Compliance Requirements
As security policies become increasingly strict, security reviews, such as classified protection of information security and cybersecurity in critical periods for all kinds of events, impose new requirements on enterprises
Advantages of the Solution
Comprehensive Security Protection System

Real-time monitoring of various types of attacks, taking accurate protective measures to ensure the security of the web portal from DDoS attacks, web application attacks, malicious crawlers, and other security threats.

Excellent Global Network Acceleration Capability

With global edge node distribution technology and dynamic back-to-origin acceleration capability, we can achieve portal access and fast portal loading in close proximity, reduce web page response time and significantly improve user experience

Efficiently Building a Unified Security Operation Center

The Baishan security operation and management platform provides such capabilities as automated asset inventory, cloud security configuration risk inspection, and compliance risk assessment and helps build an integrated, visualized, and automated cloud-based security operation and management system which improves operations and maintenance capabilities

Professional Security Services Team

The Baishan security services system is an experienced system with standardized processes, providing consultation on classified information security protection, penetration tests, protection for critical events, and other expert services. It develops specialized, high-quality solutions tailored to the specific business to optimize security defense capabilities continuously

Architecture Diagram of the Solution
Application Scenes
Web Portals Facing Security Threats and Attacks
The Baishan edge security acceleration solution constructs an in-depth defense system from internal to external networks, comprehensively protecting the portal against internal and external threats to ensure security
Optimizing Diversified User Access Experience
Using Baishan's globally distributed edge nodes to achieve static acceleration, dynamic acceleration, vod and live streaming acceleration improves end users' access speed and experience worldwideand optimizes the transmission and loading of the web portal content
Ensuring Stable Operation of Website Business Applications
Baishan provides powerful network capability support to ensure that the diversified operation of the enterprise is not affected by the portal crash. Utilizing technologies, such as multi-site high availability and mirror origins toachieve high availability of the portal to ensure smooth business operation.
Cybersecurity in Important Period
Baishan provides comprehensive security services, and its security expert team utilizes advanced technologies and experience to help enterprises establish robust security policies and control measures to ensure the security and stability of the portal and providing reliable security protection.
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