Service Details
Baseline Inspection
Baseline Inspection consists of inspecting the baseline configuration of hosts, middleware, database, and network equipment.
Log Audit
This includes the processing of monitored and alarmed security events, review, analysis, and determination of potential threats, along with suggestions on subsequent mediation and deterrent actions.
Attack Surface Management
This includes Internet exposure surface management, intranet asset management, weak password detection, etc.
Security Scanning
WEB scanning, host scanning, port probing, etc.
Application Scenarios
Periodic Inspection and Reinforcement

Periodic and regular system inspection can position and remedy system vulnerabilities and improve system security and stability in a timely manner.

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On-site Inspection and Reinforcement

Real-time monitoring, inspection, and maintenance of the customer system by security professionals at the customer’s site can provide timely remedies of security vulnerabilities and enhance secure system operation.

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Emergency Inspection and Reinforcement

In the event of security incidents or emergencies in the customer network, our security professionals will quickly arrive at the scene for emergency inspection and reinforcement of the system to secure system and enhance stability.

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Attack vs Defense Drill
Inspection and Reinforcement of Cybersecurity for critical times

This includes special inspection and reinforcement of important equipment and critical business systems, such as security equipment, databases, etc., to prevent network attacks, hacker invasion and secure key data during critical times.

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Service Advantages
Project-oriented service, whole-process professional management
Baishan YUNDUN provides professional project management for security inspection services guaranteed by a specialized project manager and security inspection engineers providing standardized management throughout the security inspection service process.
10+ years of security research, professional security team
BaiShan YUNDUN's professional security research team at YUNDUN Attack and Defense Laboratory has been conducting security attack and defense research for over ten years. It has accumulated vast security experience, which is utilized throughout the security inspection service.
Customized service, cost reduction and efficiency improvement
Security inspection services can be customized according to a customers’ requirements, to provide flexible and diversified service modes. Test methods, service packages, targeted tests, etc., are available to meet the security inspection needs of customers in all scenarios. Meanwhile, our customized security inspection services can accurately identify potential security threats, reducing security risks for customers. This service model is beneficial to cost reduction, efficiency improvement, and ensuring the security performance of customer systems.
Zero Trust Secure Access
Based on the concept of zero trust and Baishan Cloud's global edge network, an end-to-end multi-dimensional trust assessment system consisting of trusted networks, terminals, identities, and behaviors has been created to help enterprises build a new boundary of office network security and ensure that users around the world can quickly and securely access corporate internal and Internet resources anytime, anywhere
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Cloud WAF
Relying on Baishan Canvas, a global edge cloud network, the Baishan Cloud WAF solution is established to provide vulnerability intrusion protection for online services such as Web/API/APP, effectively defending and intercepting attacks such as OWASP, CVE, CNVD, 0day/1day, etc. to economically and efficiently enhance the security, reliability, and connectivity of customer business in government, medical, education, finance, government and enterprises, gaming, and other fields
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Penetration Test Service
Penetration test service is a service that simulates actual attacks, evaluates the security of target systems and applications, and provides security advice and remediation solutions
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Cybersecurity in Important Period
Full-lifecycle security services in important periods (attack vs defense drills, important conferences, holidays, etc.). Prevention of hacker attacks and invasion, website tampering, ransomware infection and other security incidents.
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Protect and accelerate access to your website and application systems
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