Business Pain Points
The Construction of the Security Supervision Platform for Central and SOEs should be Speed Up
To enhance the anti-risk capability of SOEs and safeguard national security, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (SASAC) requires all central enterprises to accelerate the completion of traffic convergence of Internet entrances/exits to improve the overall capability of network information security for central state-owned enterprises
High Network Security Risk with Large Business Exposure
The SOEs have so many subsidiaries that accessing multiple Internet networks, which increases business exposure, making security protection more difficult
Difficult to Trace Business Risk Due to not Unified Networks
As digital transformation evolves and business complexity continues to rise, the lack of uniformity in networks brings about difficulties in tracing business risks
Challenges for Headquarters to Implement Consistent Management on Many Subsidiaries
The large scale of subsidiaries of central SOEs and the complex network environment have led to increasing pressure on the network operation of the headquarters
Advantages of the Solution
Compliant with SASAC Policy Regulatory Requirements

With 1700+ edge nodes around the world by Baishan Cloud intelligent security networking (BCISN) products, for the central state-owned enterprises Internet collection policy implementation of the implementation of the tight time and heavy task, the cloud configuration and management can achieve low cost and zero contact proximity access deployment, reducing deployment time and cost

Reduce Risk Exposure

As for the significant business exposure, the BCISN products can achieve Internet traffic convergence for SOEs and their subsidiaries to reduce their Internet exposure, build an integrated defense system for cybersecurity and improve network security protection

Traceable Source with Behavioral Audit

The BCISN products have platform log analysis and full traffic analysis functions. Log analysis will enable unified management and analysis of network logs to achieve the audit and monitoring of access behaviors. While full traffic analysis allows monitoring and analyzing network traffic to detect and locate network security problems quickly. When a violation IP is found, subordinate units are identified by IP address to achieve the traceability of access behaviors

Unified IT Control Across the Entire Group

Security intelligent networking products provide large-screen display capability, which can realize the visualization of operation and maintenance management after the SOEs implement Internet traffic convergence, making it possible to see the whole network failure and timely locate the fault to troubleshoot, achieving unified network management. In addition, intelligent security networking products also support automated operation and troubleshooting, further reducing the cost of operation and maintenance and significantly improving the operation efficiency of enterprises and cybersecurity

Architecture Diagram of the Solution
Application Scenes
Traffic Convergence for Cloud Business Scenarios
Central SOEs have interconnected business networking on and off the cloud, and there are scenarios where physical devices cannot be deployed on the cloud. By deploying vCPE on the cloud, the BSIN products converge cloud services to the unified Internet convergence of the SOEs group, meeting the requirements for mixed on and off cloud networking
Networking Scenarios for Domestic Branches
Central SOEs deploy branches in different regions or cities in China, so they need to converge the Internet traffic for each branchto achieve unified access to Internet resources. Based on the Baishan edge nodes distributed across China, CPE devices are deployed in the branches of the central SOEs to realize the application access traffic to the nearby Baishan edge network and complete the convergence of the domestic branch network of the central SOEs
Networking Scenarios for Overseas Branches
Central SOEs deploy branches in different countries and regions, so they need to converge the Internet traffic for each overseas branch to achieve unified access to Internet resources. Based on the Baishan edge nodes distributed worldwide, CPE devices are provided globally for deployment to realize the application access traffic to the nearby Baishan edge network and complete the convergence of the overseas central SOE branch network
Traffic Convergence for Remote Office Scenarios
Some SOE employees need to access the enterprise internal network resources through mobile devices. Remote work can improve employees' flexibility and work efficiency, but it can also increase the risks for network security. Adopting the principle of 'Never Trust, Always Verify,' Baishan zero trust security access products conduct multi-level authentication and access control for users, devices, and applications to ensure that only authorized users can access the internal resources of enterprises, meeting the security requirements for remote office access
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